Reasons Why Relationships are Such Hard Work and Need Focus

Reasons Why Relationships are Such Hard Work and Need Focus

Reasons Why Relationships are Such Hard Work and Need Focus

Initially when you get into a relationship everything seems to be very beautiful and exciting. You talk to each other all day long, wait to meet each other, go out on dates, have late night conversations, wish to spend as much time as possible and so on. This is like the first step of any relation. [ Read: Effective Communication in a Relationship ]

Then comes a time when you are done with all this and your relationship comes to stability. This is the time when the real side of your relationship comes out in terms of how strong it is, how well are you compatible and how much you both want to be with each other.

Sometimes you start facing problems in your relationship and it seems that they are such hard work. By hard work here we are talking about how difficult it sometimes become to carry on the relationship.

If you are also in a relationship and facing troubles in it, then you can go through the following list of reasons that will describe well why relationships are such hard work: [ Read: 10 Relationship Stages That All Couples Go Through ]

  1. Communication gap

Once you reach the stage of stability in your relationship, you shift your focus on other things in life like your career, your family, your friends and your own interests. This leads to a gap in your relationship called the communication gap when you don’t get enough time to talk much to each other and it leads to misunderstandings, doubts etc. Communication gap is the biggest problem one can have in a relationship and why most relationships come to an end. [ Read: 6 Relationship Trends that are Taking the Internet by Storm ]

  1. Changed personalities

Sometimes during the relationship, you start moulding yourself according to your partner’s likes and dislikes. You are not yourself when you are with them or your partner wants you to act as a different person when you are at a social gathering. And then you realize that you no more like this changed person, you used to love the real old boyfriend / girlfriend. This is one reason why relationships become hard to curry further.

  1. Lack of trust and loyalty

Trust and loyalty is the most important factor in order to make a relationship successful. Sometimes boredom in the relationship may lead you or your partner to make an outside contact with another person. Any such kind of lie or cheating tends to break the trust of the other partner and it becomes hard to be in such a relationship where there is lack of loyalty and trust. A relationship can never be long lasting if there is no trust in the relationship. [ Read: 6 Relationship Trends that are Taking the Internet by Storm ]

  1. Stress and tensions

Any person who is stressed out and going through tensions sometimes tend to ignore their relationships with people in their life. They may ignore spending time with their family, friends and even with their partners because their mind is occupied with their tensions of life. Your relationship might start collapsing because of this. Stress makes a man’s brain fully occupied with the reason of the stress. They tend to forget other important aspects of life and this is where ignorance takes place.

  1. Family opinion about your partner

When you make your family meet your partner you don’t know whether they will like them or no. There are chances that your family members may not really like them. This leads them to make judgements about them and tell you their opinion about them. Sometimes these opinions affect your mind so much that you start ignoring your partner and avoid them. Again, relationship becomes troublesome. [ Read: 19 Clear Signs You Are Ready For a Serious Relationship ]

  1. Lack of commitment

There comes a stage in life when either person in the relationship suddenly realizes that they don’t want to be in the relationship or be a single bird. They don’t want to commit to their partner and run away from the relationship. This makes the relationship a hard work. They may want to be with you the same way they are but don’t want to put a tag of being committed on them. Such people want an open kind of relationship. Be with you and still do anything they want outside the relationship.

  1. 3rd person involvement

Sometimes a third person may enter in you relationship, be it a boy or a girl. This third person may be a close friend or a secret enemy. They try to create misunderstanding in the mind of one person or even both. All they want is them to get manipulated the way he / she wants and create fights between the two partners. This is when your relationship takes a U-turn and everything turns upside down. [ Read: How to Maintain a Strong Relationship With 3 Tips ]

  1. Feeling of boredom

Boredom is a very common reason why a relationship becomes a hard work. This kind of builds a gap between the two people and you may want to send time in other activities, hobbies and work rather than spending time with each other and talking to each other. This does not necessarily mean that either of them is having an outside affair. It is just that you are bored with the relationship as nothing new and exciting is happening in life.

There is no relationship that does not face any problem sooner or later. If you really want to be with your partner then you have to try and end the problems by finding a solution to it and fix it, or if you realize that your relationship is not working at all then you can end it by telling and explaining the reason behind it and making them understand why you want to end it.