Reasons Why Men Hate Answering Questions


Reasons Why Men Hate Answering Questions

Women love to know what’s on their man’s mind, but men hate answering questions and when their man doesn’t share the same enthusiasm about telling them, women get upset. Men and women are not the same, and it’s important to keep that in mind. Women often ask why men don’t like to answer their questions, and we feel the need to tell them.

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6 Reasons Why Men Hate Answering Questions

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Here are some reasons why men hate answering questions:

They’re just too tired

After a long day’s work, men like to relax in peace when they get home. They like to enjoy a beer, some music or maybe watch some television. Answering your innumerable questions is definitely not on their agenda, in such a situation.

Some things just can’t be shared

There are some things that your man would not like to discuss with you, and you should respect that. Don’t think of it as ‘hiding from you’ or ‘keeping secrets’. There are just some things that a man likes to keep to himself. It’s as simple as that.

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They don’t want to hurt you

Sometimes, your man may fear that his answer to a particular question of yours will offend you or hurt you. In order to avoid such a situation, he chooses not to talk about it. He’s only keeping shut about it because he cares about you.

They just don’t know

You might be really eager to know what your boyfriend’s opinion is on a particular topic, or might want him to choose which dress you should wear. The truth is that they sometime’s just don’t have an opinion. They don’t have a particular preference, really!

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They not sure about what you want to hear

Some questions are dangerous – for example, if you ask if they like your new haircut and they say no, you’ll be upset with them. But if you’re unsure of the haircut yourself, you might not believe him if he says he likes it, and call him a liar. How is he possibly supposed to know what to say?

They want to preserve their ‘strong’ image

Men like to stay strong. They don’t like to show their weaknesses or sensitivities. It’s possible that they wouldn’t like to talk about something that would pull on their emotional strings and reveal their weaknesses.

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As mentioned before, men are very different from women. Thus, it is important to know these things about them, and not expect them to entertain every little question of yours.