Reasons Why He Is Avoiding / Ignoring You


Reasons Why He Is Avoiding / Ignoring You

Can’t figure out if he’s ignoring you to speed up or slow down the development of the relationship? Is he trying to stimulate your attention by playing hard to get? Are you left wondering what’s wrong and feeling pretty clueless? Well, worry know more, or actually you got to worry a bit. Because there is more than one reason why he could be avoiding or ignoring you. He might be doing that because he is so much in love with you. He could also do that because he has no love for you. In this article we would try to figure out what could be the reason.

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If he suddenly starts ignoring you, he’s either too busy nor lost interest in you. There could be many reasons why he lost interest in you. It could be because of something you did. You could have hurt his feelings, that could be why he withdrew and is ignore you. It could be because he is a player. Even it could be because he never had any real interest in you from the very beginning. He might have simply faked it, maybe to get laid. Maybe he is mad at himself for misreading your signals. Maybe he figured out that with you he could never have the kind of relationship he always wanted to have. There could be many more such maybes on why he is ignoring you. One reason for avoiding you might be that he has someone else. Or he find someone new who is more of a relationship material for him than you are.

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Does he starts acting defensively? If yes something is clearly bothering you. He might even be thinking that you have cheated or betrayed him. And he doesn’t want to tell that to you and with that running through his mind he would have thought that it’s better if he simply avoids you. A normal thing that quite often happens in a relationship is getting bored. It could happen both in a long term and short term relationship. He could have got bored of you, that could be why he is not the same to you anymore. Another thing is, he could think that he doesn’t deserve you and that you are way better than him. That could also prompt him to leave you for good. Want to know more reasons on why he is avoiding or ignoring you?