Reasons Why Guys Start to Ignore You after Sleeping with You

Reasons Why Guys Start to Ignore You after Sleeping with You

You don’t get intimate with a guy as soon as you fall in love with him. It starts off slowly it eventually culminates in both of you indulging in a sexual encounter. You make love to the guy because you think he is the one for you and decide sleeping with him, he might not be as sincere with his emotions. After this encounter, you expect to spend more time with him and you will propel your relationship forward but the guy seems to be ignoring you. You would spend all your time trying to analyse what went wrong between the two of you. You think of ways to talk to him and would try to understand why he is ignoring you. After a while, you will start blaming yourself and hate yourself for him being upset with you. [ Read: 10 Unmistakable Signs Your Friend is Crushing on You ]


Reasons Why Guys Start to Ignore You after Sleeping with You

Whose fault was it?

In a relationship things usually go wrong, either of the two people or the two of them together could be responsible for things not falling into place. Yes, you could have done something which propelled him away from you. Think about it carefully. Did you do anything to upset him? Think about it for some time. If you fail to come up with anything that suggests it was your fault then you should have no reason for believing it either. You must be honest with yourself. You might love that guy unconditionally but you should not put the blame on yourself for something that he is to be blamed. If it is the guy’s fault, you must accept it. In this situation, when a guy stops talking to you after sleeping with you, you should know that there is something fishy. Why did he disappear or stopped taking your calls after you both had a sexual encounter? There are many possibilities but you should be mentally strong enough to address them. Sometimes when you are very serious about the relationship and are hell bent on making things work, you tend to overlook many things and forgive your partner when you should not have. You should not hold yourself responsible for something which your partner has done. [ Read: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Crush


The reason

You must be able to find out the reason and analyse all the possibilities. Most importantly you must be willing to accept the truth.  Why did the guy start ignoring you after sleeping with you? Why did he stop talking to you even though you both enjoyed each other’s company? why do they avoid meeting you now. So, there was no chance of you getting in to a fight or disagreement. Maybe, the guy was not serious about you in the first place. He might have made those tall promises so that he could sleep with you. You loved him but probably his feelings for you were not real. He just wanted to have a physical relationship or a one night stand with you. He faked his emotions just so that he can sleep with you. He made you believe that he was in love with you when he wanted something else from you. He never had any intention of getting in to a long-term relationship with you. Maybe sleeping with you was the only thing he wanted. Once that happened, he saw no reason for being in touch with you.

There could be other reasons as well. He found you attractive, and would have got in to a relationship with you but now he seems to be confused about his feelings. He is not sure whether he loves you. He is not able to figure out whether he would like to be with you. There is also a possibility of him being commitment phobic and afraid to make a solid commitment. He likes you but is not sure about getting in to a relationship with you. He is scared of confronting you and talking to you about this.  He chooses to ignore you so that you can forget him. [ Read: Does Your Boyfriend Talk To His Ex All The Time? ]

What should I do?

Love is a basic need and a very significant emotion. Having said that, if you are not in a relationship or are in a bad relationship, you must not get overly stressed about it. There are so many beautiful things in this world and a lot of people out there who love you. These days, love seems to be equated with romantic connotations. But, you should not drop everything else and run after it. If a guy starts ignoring you after sleeping with you, you are to feel hurt. But, you must come out of this phase as soon as possible. This bitter experience should not make you stop trusting people. You should be a little more careful but closing the doors to your heart would not be an appropriate thing to do. You should not blame yourself as you have done no wrong. It is the guy who committed the fault. What you did was purely out of genuine affection.  It is him who is to be blamed. [ Read: Does He Love Me? – 20 Sure Signs to Read His Mind]

Sooner or later, the desire to get intimate creeps in a relationship. It is a very natural and intrinsic thing which one should not be ashamed of. However, before taking this step, you must make sure that your partner is serious about you. It is a part of being in a relationship but unfortunately, a lot of people fake their emotions for some cheap thrill.