Reasons WHY Boys LIKE Many Girls Even If They Are In A Relationship

Reasons WHY Boys LIKE Many Girls Even If They Are In A Relationship

Have you ever nudged your boy with your elbow to gain back his attention, while he was staring at another girl?  Or merged in your eyebrows while he was voicing out his confession about liking another girl? Yes, being a girl in a relationship with the male gender, it’s a lucid part to play. But, their incessant transfer of attention to another girl surely makes one wonder why boys like many girls out there so easily even if they are in a relationship. [ Read: 16 Signs You Are Not Ready For A Serious Relationship ]

Reasons WHY Boys LIKE Many Girls Even If They Are In A Relationship

So here we list 10 such reasons which will help you interpret why your boy likes many girls out there, because this is absolutely something to which you need to pay attention in order to fight down the future occurring conflicts.

  1. Eye candy

We are all human beings and tend to enjoy scenic beauty. So it’s perfectly fine if he ‘just’ gazes. As long as he is merely admiring the other pretty face without losing his love for you, it’s acceptable. So, don’t worry about this, you can sit back and relax. [ Read here : Ways To Bring Back The Lost Spark In Your Relationship


  1. Your boring company

Be lively in the relationship. Don’t be dull and boring. Your relationship is bound to lose its spark if you bore your partner.

  1. Over-controlling them

Make sure you are not over-controlling and restricting your guy with your insecurities. Because it’s possible that you might burden him with your insecurities and over-possessiveness, even out of your unconditional love. So if you are playing this part, then step back ASAP! This could lead them to look for some other girls with opposite attributes, be it secretively. So give him his space and respect his privacy! [ Read here : 8 Reasons Why Loving Someone Too Much Kills the Love ]

  1. Was never serious

This could be the most hurtful and evil sound to your ears. But yes, there is a possibility of him never having been serious regarding you. Till date, it could have all been the illusion of him being solely yours. Because in his mind, he could have thousands of memories where he had already ditched you numerous times. If this is something you come across in your relationship, it’s time for you to over think upon continuing the same. For he is what he has been.

  1. Friend zone influence

Remember those old days when mother used to advise you to make ‘good’ friends? Her reason concern was, one gets highly influenced by the company they share through the crucial growing years and therefore, might exactly become like their besties! So if your boy has friends who like to go around with many girls at once, try your best to make your boy aware of the fact that his buddy might be a good friend, but he isn’t a good person, for he doesn’t respect girls. [ Read: 13 Signs That The Friends Picked By You Are Ruining Your Relationship! ]

  1. Envying Friend

Remember when your best friend enthusiastically shares some great grand achievement of his/her? That was the time when you said all the right things to them and appreciated them as well. But inside, you were all burning up, for you had uncontrollable envy instead of true feelings of happiness about their achievement. Similarly, when a boy mentions his double or triple dating to his guy friend, his friend starts envying him because today, most people think it’s ‘cool’ in society. Therefore, a boy who is already in a relationship starts gazing at other girls. But here, before casting his spells with the intention of doubling or tripling, he should understand that  he would intentionally be doing wrong to his girl. Whereas, if girls notice such intentions, they should directly talk to him regarding their true feelings. Also she should try her best to make him realise that he is a good person unlike the others, who have never-ending appetites to date many girls at the same time.

  1. He’s Simply a Pervert

This one could be very disheartening for those girls who find it to be true for their boys. But, for your own sake, you should take the initiative and back off from the relationship as soon as you realise that he is one. Because nothing is worse than a boy being a creep. [ Read: 15 Big Early Warning Signs of a Bad Boyfriend ]

  1. Phallocentric Attendant

This is a phallocentric world where all the feminists are working hard to advocate equal rights for females. Boys, being the descendants of patriarchal men, consider themselves superior to women. Thus, they think it’s natural to have a lot of women available to them.

  1. ‘Cheap’ thrill

There is a cheap and a tacky thrill which they experience in cheating.  It makes them proud to think that they can juggle multiple women.  They believe this stereotypical notion of dating many and ruling the world and being a ‘stud’ to their peers. [ Read: 11 Bad Girl Traits Every Guy Seeks In His Girl! ]


Not all guys are really that shallow. But if he does et attracted to other women, talk to him and find out why.