Reasons: Social Media Is Killing Dating.


Reasons: Social Media Is Killing Dating.

Social Media has become an important part in today’s time. It serves many purpose like it’s a medium to stay connected with friends, family, sharing moments from your life etc. It serves innumerable purposes. Hence, it can be the most distracting platform. In the present time It affects the process of Dating too. brings to some of the interesting reasons why Social Media is Killing Dating.

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Reasons Social Media Is Killing Dating

All the Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are killing the real essence of Dating. It is taking away all the excitement, fun, trill and suspense from the entire process of Dating. It is rightly said that Technology can be both Boon and Bane. Here are some of the Reasons which will Highlight that Social Media is Killing the real Spirit of it.

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Cheating: Social Networking opens doors to Cheating. Now-a-days we come across many couples who have now parted because one of the partner lost interest his/her partner. All this happened just because they met a new interest through these social platforms.

Online Flirting: Online flirting is the most common crime committed by the people who are in committed in relationship. Flirting with someone can be the biggest cause of killing your already so beautiful relationship. Moreover, people use such  networks to gain more and more attention of girls by using their flirting abilities.

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Jealousy: We always pin point the already known fact that Love and Jealousy go had in hand. Social media adds fuel to fire. Such Online platforms can make your partner go jealous. Chatting with female counterparts may not be acceptable and liked by your partner. This may lead to fights and misunderstandings in your relationship

Thus, we can say that social media takes away the essence of enjoying dating in real sense.. There is nothing called Privacy when it comes to Social Media or Social Networking.