Reasons Why You Fell In Love With the Wrong Guy


Reasons Why You Fell In Love With the Wrong Guy

Do you think you are falling for the wrong guy? Do you consider him different and worth loving? Is he the wrong guy for you? What happens when you are in love? Love conquers all. When we fall in love with someone it takes us to another world. Everything seems to be right and perfect in that world.  When we are in love our logic gets curb and emotions become for important in life. Love make us blind. It takes away the power to think logically. We even find it difficult to decide and recognise weather the person we are falling is made for us or not. LikeLoveQuotes is here to help you find out Why you fall in love with the Wrong Guy.

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Reasons Why You Fell In Love With the Wrong Guy

What Happens When You Are In Love…..

It is the most beautiful feeling when we are in love with someone. When we are in love with someone everything around us seems secondary. Our partner becomes the most important person in our life. Our life revolves around them. Love makes us loose our logic. We find everything right in our partner. But have you ever wondered why you fall in love with the wrong guy?

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Don’t Know What You Want:
One of the reasons you fall in with the wrong guy is that you actually don’t know what you want in your man. This makes you fall with the wrong person. The best way to avoid this is to know what you really want in a guy.

Emotions are Playing High:
Emotions are high when we fall for someone. Love is a flow of emotions. The feeling of love gets so strong that we loose the power to judge the person we are falling for. Love makes us blind and we think his actions are always right.

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His Actions Seems Right:
No matter who you fall for, every action of your partner seems to be right. He becomes so important for you that you tend to ignore his deeds and the way he treats you. His actions are never judged by you.

No High Standards:
You fall for the wrong guy when you have no standard. You tend to fall for everything and everyone that comes in your life. You have no set limits and standards that makes you suffer in life.

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Thus, the feeling of love makes us blind to many things which we otherwise want in our partner. But it is important to think twice when we tend give our commitment to someone.