Read Reasons – Dine Together, Shine Together

Dine Together, Shine Together

It is very often said, that a family that eats together, stays together. As one grows older, they get more and more detached from their parents and siblings.

As lives get busier, people often struggle to maintain relationships with their friends and social circle. But they miss out on bonding with their own family in that struggle.

Dine Together, Shine Together

Importance of family life cannot be ignored. For, often when one feels alone, it is family which stands by them.  [Read: 7 Reasons why family rules are important ]

It’s difficult to spend as much time as desired with family, given the hectic work-life that is prevalent these days. But, dinner is a time when one can spend a good hour of bonding over food and drinks. Also, one can share their day’s highs and lows in that one hour and stay updated with what has been happening with their loved ones. Often, it is rejuvenating and helps a family stick together for longer in this era of divorces, pre-nuptials and separations.

Dinner is the last meal of the day and is often relaxing. It is also unrushed like a breakfast or lunch. Hence, it becomes the easiest and best time to spend together with the family. Dinner with the family can help each of the family members in different ways.

The Dad – It helps the head of the family relax after a long day at work and there is no better way than to see his children, wife and/or his parents and spend a good time with them. It can make him feel he’s coming home to something amazing and helps devote a little time to his kids, wife or parents out of his hectic week schedule. Even a little time with his children, can help him feel like the “Family Man”. It also helps one sleep peacefully at night rather than having dinner with business clients or alone at an eatery.  [ Read: 20 tips to be a better father  ]

The Mother – Nothing pleases a woman more than seeing the entire family together and cheerful. It helps her relax and bring some family norms, customs and rules. It gives a sense of responsibility to the children which they would carry long in their lives. It also sets family traditions and often leads to making plans for mini vacations or weekend outings, which can only lead to a better family time.  [ Read: 13 Dating tips for single mothers  ]

The Grandparents – The elderly are often ignored in most families. It is almost overwhelming for them to be with their children and grandchildren for dinner every night. They get a sense of gratification by seeing their family tree in front of them and each one busy in their own respective field. It can make them feel special and help forget all their worries and health problems they might be suffering from. [ Read: 7 Reasons why family rules are important  ]

The Kids – Children might not particularly enjoy a joint dinner with family. Sometimes, teenage children can be finicky and bratty. But it will still imbibe a family culture in them which they’ll carry long in their life. They can be bribed by serving their favorite food. The children will develop a sense of accountability towards their parents and this very dinner also helps them to be able to share things which happen at their schools/colleges.  [ Read: My childhood was not like other kids. ]

Dinner time is also good for making announcements or deciding family getaways, it can rekindle the spirit in each family member. Family dinners avoid the building of egos amongst family members, helps them confront each other easily and avoid negative assumptions or complaints build up in one’s mind. It helps the coop to stay close-knitted. It can also help certain significant decisions arrive out of normal conversations and often motivates one to do their best in their respective career or school lives. The children will never feel that their parents aren’t devoting enough time to them and parents will never feel neglected or that their children are moving away from them and that they need to be restricted.