Quirk It Up Post BreakUp!


Quirk It Up Post BreakUp!

The journey from BreakUp to gaining a normal life is a complicated task. The more we try, the harder we fall. But, one should never give up trying, no matter how hard it is. So here we are today, with some quirky and fun ways, to help you deal with your life post BreakUp.

Quirk It Up Post BreakUp

1#Think in a positive way:

You had a breakup, I know it was not at all a merry one. But having a positive mind will  help you deal with these tangy ups and down in a stress free manner. Give it a thought that why it happened, what were the reasons behind it, and if the reasons were practical enough then the breakup happened for the betterment of your life. What if this happened, may be some more years later, life would have been really messed up. Not all relationships are meant to be eternal and not every people you meet are  bound to stay with you forever.  So, think POSITIVE and say good-bye to NEGATIVE approach.

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2#Delete Delete Delete:

Memories are those static things which never change with seasons and time. and its one of the cruelest thing after breakup. Delete their numbers, don’t even save it in any other names, refresh your call log. Dump all their photographs, its better to burn them and say it bye forever. Cause no matter how hard you hide them in a secret place, you will have the feelings of taking a look at them. So, dump them in a place from where its impossible to bring it back. Delete their chats from every where, if needed reboot your phone and gift yourself a happy mind.

3#Go for a make-over:

Yes! Pamper yourself, you need it. Get a good sleep, go for a hair cut, spa, anything that makes you feel beautiful and refreshed. But please, don’t upload those refreshed pictures with those cheesy quotes like “I AM HAPPY WITHOUT YOU after breakup” never. These things will only make you feel vulnerable. Why??? Let me explain: See, you will upload those quotes along with the picture, indirectly or directly you’ll wait for a reply for them or ask  their friends about it. And moreover social media is there to boost up your post and pinch you with all those false replies and hopes. So, keep your make over to yourself.  How about, you meet him/her some many months later and he/she goes like “Holy Shit! She looks gorgeous” .. Think about it!

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4#Don’t procrastinate:

“Ok I will do it tomorrow. Today let me sleep like this” NEVER DO THIS! NEVER!  The more you keep things in the waiting mode, the more they get piled up. Do it now, do it today itself. Burn or dump all those memories. Remember Patience and Procrastination are like chalk and cheese, don’t mix them up. 

5#Unfriend those cranky friend of theirs:

They are only their to poke you and remind you of those stupid feelings. Believe me, some friends are there who are there only to do stupid acts. They don’t have any aim in life other than spreading shits around. I guess you’ve understood my point…. UNFRIEND THEM NOW! Get rid of those head-aches.


Call up your bestie and plan a trip . Go for a holiday, have fun, click pictures, dance like nobody is watching and return home all refreshed. Believe me, this works. Don’t forget to stuff yourself with some yummilicious dishes there.Celebrate your breakup in a refreshed manner.


As said “Self Realization is the best medicine”. Spend quality time with your own-self, go for a walk, let the tears come down, let those memories flown away from your eyes, do this as many times you want. But make sure, once its OVER, ITS OVER! Don’t let those memories break you down again.. Remember: Keep your phones and laptop away during such solitude moments.

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The world of MEDITATION and YOGA is a huge place. It has solutions to each and every problems in our life. Go for a nice meditation, practice it regularly, and see the effect all by yourself. Breath in the fresh air and breath out those toxic moments. Feel fresh and rejuvenated.

And above all, its your life and make it a memorable one. Don’t waste your days by doing such stupid things. Love and Breakup are like ROSES and THORNS, you just need to pluck them away before they bleed you. And having said this, please don’t forget to like our page LikeLoveQuotes for more relationship articles. HAPPY READING..