Quick 4 Ways To Make Him Feel Effectively Jealous


Quick 4 Ways To Make Him Feel Effectively Jealous

Finally, a topic for which I have been waiting long. Wow! Isn’t it exciting to know how you can make him feel effectively jealous very quick ? Obviously, cause it has been always the other way round, the man always makes his girl feel jealous. So, if you are reading this, make sure not to share this article with your boyfriend, read it and implement it. Brush up your winged eyeliner and get ready to make him go green with envy. But be sure to keep it light and be in your limits.

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It’s show time baby.

Quick 4 Ways To Make Him Feel Effectively Jealous

1/ Wear your amorous boots

Grab your best black dress, apply some hot winged liners and paint your lips red, look your best and get ready to woo that friend of him or anyone you know. Make sure you do that in front of him, something like-

“Hey! I am sorry I can’t find my phone. Could you please ring it for me”

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Quick 4 Ways To Make Him Feel Effectively Jealous

Believe me, this will surely give him some green envious goose bumps. You can also try dancing with someone he dislikes or anyone from his friend’s group. I don’t know this is a good suggestion or not, but you can also tell that friend of him from beforehand your plans. In that way, you can also act safe and things will be really easy for you. You know how unknown men are, they are kind of I can’t even speak about. So whatever you do, make sure your safety is still safe. Avoid facebook flirts, like uploading hot pictures or posting mushy quotes to someone else’s timeline, be original and quirky with your antics.

2/Go for a ladies night out and don’t tell him the destination

This will be totally fun. Suddenly plan a ladies night out and inform your guy before going, just a small information like “hey honey, I am going out with my friends. Bye, miss you” cut the phone. Don’t reveal where you are going and dance with your girlfriends. You are not doing anything wrong, just have fun and let your boyfriend feel some effectively effective jealousy.

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Quick 4 Ways To Make Him Feel Effectively Jealous

After returning from the place, give him some weird information’s like “Oh! The place was so fun and I will be going again with them. It was the best day of my life”. Dude! He will burn half of his calories there only, JEALOUS CALORIES. *wink wink*

3/Make yourself busy

You know what the problem with a guy is, they get bored very easily. And we girls never get tired of informing or calling them every second. So, make yourself busy and answer or call him very less. By very I mean, very less. Like, in a day you just call him once and wish him good morning, for the rest of the day don’t answer his phone. You can also send him texts like- “I am sorry sweetheart, I am a bit busy. Will catch you later. Love you baby”. I know this will hurt you more than them but trust me, your guy will understand your value. Do this for a week and see the changes all by yourself. But, remember, for a WEEK. Not less than that and not more.

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4/Avoid being too much caring

Do you really want your guy to feel effectively jealous?? Stop caring for him. Earlier, when he used to go for a sudden bike ride or to a sudden booze party, you used to shout and call him 100 times. This time stop doing this. Keep yourself  busy and see what he has to say. Don’t poke him in any of his matters, I am sure if he loves you  by the end of the week he will call you and ask you “Whats the matter with you?? Why behaving strangely?”.

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Quick 4 Ways To Make Him Feel Effectively Jealous

Gone are the days of making your man feel jealous by updating hot pictures, now, be more practical and try out some practical tips. Hit psychologically and see how their reaction changes. Believe me, if your guy loves you he will raise his voice and ask you about this strange behaviour. But, please don’t say directly that you were doing it purposely; use your brain and explain him. Have fun and keep liking our blogs.

RememberAlways be safe and in your limits, Never do anything which might make you feel sad or embarrassed, keep the process fun and within your limits.