Questions You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend


Questions You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend

Not hiding a thing from your boyfriend is extremely important, asking him certain questions are equally important. But some questions are NO NO. Do not ask him any of the questions mentioned in this article.

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Who just texted/called you?

Don’t make him feel that you don’t trust him enough. Asking him this can make you look insecure. That’s the last thing you want in a relationship. The feeling of insecurity and lack of trust could even cast you your relationship.

Am I fat?

If you are overweight, you may feel frustrated, angry, or upset. And when you ask him that, you are making him feel awkward and uncomfortable. Do not put him in a situation where he finds it difficult to answer a question. His difficulty/slow response will only make things worse for him.

Did you watch po*n now?

So he does some occasional po*n-watching and self-pleasuring? Let him watch, you don’t have to ask him that. Asking him if he watches po*n will either lead to embarrassment or lying or would again make him feel uncomfortable. If he lies, he would have to keep telling new and new lies to cover the old ones. You don’t want that in your relationship. So don’t ask him that.

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Am I better than your ex?

You might be, you maybe not. But remember he is not with his ex anymore. He chose you over her, so there’s absolutely no reason for you to remind him of her. He chose to forget her, so don’t trouble yourself with thinking about his. Dragging up a past relationship will make him feel uncomfortable and unsure what to say. Stop putting him in situation where he is not comfortable.

When are you going to buy me a ring?

Do not, I repeat, do not force your way into marriage. It shouldn’t happen until you both are a hundred percentage sure that it’s time to marry. You can hint on it but this is the wrong way to start that conversation. Do not ask him directly that.

These are few of the many questions that you should never ask to your boyfriend. Would you like to know what the other questions are? Let us know in comments below. Author Manoj.