Questions That Will Definitely Turn Your Date Off

Questions That Will Definitely Turn Your Date Off

Questions That Will Definitely Turn Your Date Off

A good conversation is an integral part of a date. To keep the conversation going, you need to pose several questions to your date which could interest them and they would be willing to answer. But, you need to be careful while you ask questions to your date. While you must ask about all that you want to know about them, you should never ask something that would make them uncomfortable. If there is something you want to know desperately but you know that talking about it will make your date feel awkward, do not ask it. [ Read: 18 Relationship Turn Off That Have The Power to Ruin a Healthy Relationship! ]

Here are questions that will definitely turn your date off:

  1. Why are you late?

You might be a very punctual person and someone who does not like to be kept waiting, but you have to be a little patient with your date. If you want it to work, that is. Everybody is busy these days and one needs to look after many things in a day. A date is important but your partner could turn up a little late because he got stuck with something important. Do not get mad at him because of this. Even if you want to know why they got late, do not ask. If your date is a decent person, they will apologize and give you a valid reason for being late, themselves. [ Read: 10 Biggest Dating Turn Offs for Guys That Girls Don’t Know About! ]

  1. How much do you earn?

Money is important and most of us prefer dating people who enjoy a similar economic standing as us. If you have decided to go out on a date with someone, chances are that you have a fairly good idea of how much they earn. If yes, then you need not ask them the exact amount of money they earn in a month. You already know that they earn a respectable salary and are doing well for themselves. Isn’t that enough for you? As for the exact figure, you will find that out eventually.

  1. Why are you wearing that?

We tend to notice what a person is wearing before we even talk to them. You should dress up properly for a date but even if you feel that your partner has not put any effort in dressing themselves up, you could refrain from saying that to him. You must hide your disappointment and let it go. You should not judge someone by what they wear. If you do not like what they are wearing, do not complain about it. [ Read: Biggest Turn-Offs for Women That All Men Should Know About ]

  1. Why are you so quiet?

Your date could be shy by nature and might be finding it difficult to strike a conversation. You should not ask them as to why they are not talking much. Instead you should help them out by starting the conversation and giving them a cue to talk as well. The fact that they are quiet does not mean that they are not interested in the conversation. It’s just that they do not know what to say.

  1. When do we do it?

It is not wrong to think about getting intimate with your partner after the date. However, you should try not to be very vocal about it. You should wait and figure out whether the date is turning out to be good and whether it is going in the right direction. If everything seems fine and your date seems to be interested in you, then you could drop subtle hints at them. You should never tell them directly as it would make you come across as desperate. Let them know you are interested without saying it directly. [ Read: Signs to Get Rid Off Your Relationship! ]

  1. How many relationships you have been in?

Every person has a past and it is pretty normal for your date to be in a couple of relationships before they meet you. You should not ask them about their past as it could hurt them. They had come out with you on a date and the focus should be on the two of you. If you ask your date about their past relationships, they could think you to be a judgmental person. There is no reason why you should bring your past relationships into the conversation.

  1. Why did you break up with your ex?

Asking a question like this can totally kill the pleasant atmosphere of the date. A breakup is something most people do not like talking about. It is a bitter experience which people wish to forget. You might be thinking that asking them this question would give you a better perspective about them but it does not work that way. Do not bring any negativity into the conversation. [ Read: Do You Believe In Love Or Have You Given Up On It? ]

  1. Are you in love with me?

You have to understand that it is a date. Both of you have just begun to know each other. So, asking something like this could make your date uncomfortable. Do not put pressurise them. If they like you or want to go out again, they will let you know. You need to be patient and give them some time to know you well. Love is a very strong and intense feeling which cannot be forced on someone else. Let them enjoy the date without any baggage or pressure.

It is very important to ask questions and keep the conversation going. You must pour out your heart and say all that you want to but you should be careful about not hurting the feelings of your date. You must try to best to let them be at ease and feel comfortable in your presence.

Any more disastrous questions that you can think of? Tell us in the comments section!