Qualities of a Perfect Girlfriend

Qualities of a Perfect Girlfriend

No one is perfect, but does it stop you from looking out for more. No matter how much you love your girl there is always something more that you are looking out for. Wishing for something to be different in your own version of your perfect girlfriend.

Every man is different but they are generally looking for the same thing. Looking out for your perfect match can be difficult.

How do you know that she is your perfect girlfriend?

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Qualities of a Perfect Girlfriend

Here are a few most desirable qualities every man is looking out for. You are a lucky man if you have found some of the qualities in your spouse.

Dose not have a nagging nature

Nagging is the biggest relationship killer of all times. Nagging simply leads to resentment and irritation. No man would like to be mothers around and being reminded about their tasks at all times. It simply sucks the fun out of your relationship. The amount of energy you waste it on nagging could be well invested in planning a date or prepare a romantic dinner.

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Does not depend on you

Emotionally or financially being independent is the key to a successful relationship. No one wants to just be the shoulder to cry on. It is a good thing that you are emotionally connected but if she cannot function without you that would completely be suffocating the relationship.

She is intelligent

In a man’s theory, “Intelligence is sexy”. Being with the one who is sorted is something all men would want. An intelligent woman will always keep surprising you, and make you want to explore more in her. Things would never get boring. If you are looking out for the best quality in your woman, this is something to crave for.

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Beauty sure attracts men. Getting attracted to looks and charm is something biological. It is human nature to caress a flower and not the weed. Most of the men will want an attractive partner to cover up for his insecurities and her charm thereby to boost his ego. Being with a girl who all men want can sure be a great feeling.


A woman who can completely express themselves are a hard treat to find. It is fun to be with a delightfully expressive girl who when happy screams and jumps with joy or their hilarious expression when they lose a game. To show love increases the intimacy between the two. Her energy would always keep you want more and keep the flame of romance burning.

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Isn’t it great to have a friend in your partner? It is bot that she would just spend her life with you it is an added bones that she gets along with your friends and family well. This relationship with a friend would entitles your freedom and fun.

So when looking out for the perfect match these points would help you scrap out the best. You just hope when the dinosaurs exist so does the unicorns. Be a pro, there is more to gain than to get hurt.