Proven Ways To Make Him Addicted To You


Proven Ways To Make Him Addicted To You

How do you make him get addicted to you? Well, that’s a question everyone wants the answer for. Is there any proven ways to make him addicted to you? Well, there are many ways but we can’t call them proven ways. Because the thing that turn one man will turn another one off. So, before you go looking for tips to get him crazy for you. Try to find out who he is and what makes him to keep wanting you more. In this article i’ll sum up few proven ways to help you out.

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Keeping your guy interested can be tough, but not impossible. First things first, do not try to change you are. The reason he is in a relationship with you is because he saw something in you. Don’t try to change that in an attempt to seduce him. It’s not one of the proven ways to turn him on, it will only turn him of. Smell fresh to keep him hooked on. Yes, you read that correct, most men likes their girl to smell nice. To keep your man interested, you should show your man that you could be an animal in the bed if he wants you to be. Take control and show your skills in bed, this will make sure he doesn’t loose interest in you. Seduction, in a relationship, is essential. Just because he is yours and you are his doesn’t mean you should stop giving him the hots. Seduction is one of the proven ways to keep him around and to excite him, so use it well.

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Showing public display of affection could come handy as long as you don’t over do it. Make him miss you when you’re not there. Try not to be easily available, this will make him ache for you. Think like a guy, think what will make him want you more and more. Do that. On top of all these, believe in love and believe in your relationship. That will make you super attractive for him.