Post a Love Letter, To Make Your Valentine Day Better

Post a Love Letter, To Make Your Valentine Day Better

Valentine Day is around the corner and everyone is busy making surprise plans for their loved one. Are you also wondering how to make your Valentine Day better? Some are busy rehearsing the lines of proposal that they would say to their lover. Some people are busy shopping valentine goodies from stores. While some of us are sitting and thinking what will our valentine do for us this Valentine Day. But, almost none of us are planning to write a cutesy love letter to our loved one this V-day. Is this Just because letter writing is oh-so-passé and a thing of the past? The phones have overtaken letter and how. But remember that things that are rarely practiced or gifted make for a wonderful gift and this Valentine Day is the perfect occasion to pen down all your heart’s feelings to your loved one. It also saves a lot of nervousness and apprehensions while confronting a person. [ Read: 10 Romantic Love Messages To Text Your Partner ]

Post a Love Letter, To Make Your Valentine Day Better, Valentine Day Better

So here are some tips to make your love letter to your lovable valentine special and cute.

  • Don’t make it too lengthy

Make sure your letter is not too long and tiresome to read. Don’t make it a 5-6 page story line. Keep your letter 1-2 pages long and it should be full of love messages. Try not to mention any particular incidents in your letter, because that will just make it longer to read.  [ Read: Cute Valentine Day gift ideas for him and for her ]

  • Don’t fret to use cute names

You can use cute names that you call your girlfriend or boyfriend since this is a private letter. Don’t fret to use “sweetheart”, “munchkin”, “teddy bear” and many such words. This will make them feel special and adored. Hope this helps you to make your Valentine Day better.

  • Make the letter interesting with some cute drawings

If you are artistic and creative, make sure you draw a few hearts here and there. You could also draw your names together and indicate how much you both belong together. You can make cute teddies also in the letter. Make sure that your writing is readable if not pretty. A love letter with shabby writing is the last thing you want to gift your Valentine.  [ Read:  This Valentine Day, EXPRESS to IMPRESS {Your Crush} ]

  • Don’t ask too many questions

A love letter seems like an examination paper if it is full of questions and doubts. Try not to ask a lot of questions like “do you miss me too?”, “do you love me too”, “don’t you want to meet again?” and so on. This seems more like an assurance letter for you instead of a great gift for your valentine.

  • Make them feel special

Praise your lover in the letter. Tell them how they make you feel and how badly you miss them when they aren’t around. Let them know what they are for you, how you perceive them and how better they make you feel! Tell them how they complete you and there is a void in your heart without their love.  [ Read: Valentine Week – Valentine Week – What does each day mean? ]

  • Use a decorated paper

Don’t write a love letter on a normal notebook or register paper. That just sets the mood off. Bring a nice colorful notepad meant for writing letters. If possible, use lovely decorated and colorful envelopes to make your letter look different and better than other posts. We are sure this will make your valentine day better and memorable.

  • Don’t try to copy your friends

Some people might think that they are really bad at writing, and cannot write a love letter. They might want to copy some ideas and thoughts from their friends who are pro at writing. But the truth is, a love letter is not any kind of competition on words or word play. You will be able to write the best letter in the world, if you are able to be honest, genuine and loving towards your valentine. [ Read: 7 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Tips For Guys ]

  • Make it funny as well

Don’t make your love letter over the top emotional and extremely mushy. If you have a great sense of humor, don’t fret to use some personal jokes and incidents in the letter. This will make the person feel light and happy. Also, you could use cool emoticons or similes to denote some kind of expression in your letter.

We hope these tips will help you in making your Valentine Day Better.