Possible Reasons You’re Still Single and Struggling

Possible Reasons You’re Still Single and Struggling
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Possible Reasons You’re Still Single and Struggling

Life sometimes become very unreasonable and you feel that you haven’t found your Mr. Right because every guy has some or the other problem. But have you ever wonder why you’re still single and struggling? The problem can be in your mind or with yourself too. We just meet someone just once and we easily tend to judge the other person. This can be one main reason why you have been running away from relationship or relationships may be running away from you. You need to practical in life and then choose your partner accordingly rather than making a dream world for your self and waiting for your prince charming to come and take you away. [ Read: Ways to Love Your Singlehood! ]

If you are stuck with such a situation and wondering why you are still single and struggling, here is a list of possible reasons behind it, so that you can cross-check the list and understand as to where you may be lacking behind –

  1. You have made a check-list for your kind of guy

You have made a list of qualities or characteristics that you look in any guy you meet like his career, his looks, his personality, his family background, the brand name of his car, his income and everything that you can think of. And if they fail to meet those qualities, you run away from them. But you need to realize that no man is perfect, so finding such a guy leads you to disappointment. [ Read: Being Single Is Fun – 13 Reasons to Prove it! ]

  1. You may be talking to so many guys at the same time

It is good to make a lot of friends, but talking to so many guys as more than friends leads you to nowhere. This may confuse you as to whom is better than the rest. You will not be able to decide who is the right person for you and who is the most compatible with you. You need to stick to one person and move a step backwards from the rest. Only then will you be able to think of him as your future boyfriend.

  1. You have been cheated in past

Sometimes betrayal affects your mind so much that you don’t feel like loving someone again, you don’t feel like being with someone as your fear that they might cheat on you or dump you again. Your past experience definitely has an affect on your present and future and this may be the reason why you don’t feel like getting into a relationship again and prefer staying single. [ Read: Relationship Tips for Single Women ]

  1. You take everything negatively

All the time you think and talk negative about guys around you. You complain about their attitude, their behaviour, and their incapability to meet your expectations. This is not right. You need to have a positive approach towards the world, towards everyone. Only then will you be able to make good relationships with someone or else they all will start ignoring you. Even if you are close enough to one guy and wish to be in a relationship with him, he might think of you as a negative person and avoid having any kind of relationship with you.

  1. You don’t have career goals

A guy would always like to be with a girl who is career oriented because they prefer being with someone who is financially independent. Especially if you are on your first date, a guy would never want to hear stories of your dream wedding, kids, home décor while being at home, cooking food for him while he returns home after work. A career oriented girl is always preferred over a homely girls as the guy feels you have so much in common to discuss and talk about. [ Read: 12 Lines Singles Are Tired Of Listening! ]

  1. Your always on your social media

You are not concerned about how your date might be going with your guy, whether he is really interested in you or no. But all you do is upload pictures of how you dress up, you check-in status on Facebook, a picture with him to get as many likes and comments as possible. Guys don’t like to disclose personal stuff on the Internet so this might be a turn off for any guy.

  1. You are a no-no person all the time

Girls secretly love it when a girl is outgoing, who does crazy stuffs, who is up for anything even in the middle of the night. A girl who says no for everything seems boring to them. A guy will ask you for something once, twice thrice and if all you do is denying for everything, he will soon stop asking about it. [ Read: An Open Letter From a Single Mother to her Twins Children]

  1. You have a reason behind being in a relationship

Relationships cannot be based on needs or wants. You are financially weak therefore to keep up to your standard of lying; you want to get into a relationship with a guy irrespective of anything. This truth will someday come out and the guy will hate you for this reason. A need can be of anything else as well. You might need him to be with you 24×7 to get away with your loneliness at home. But there should be a limit to everything or else the relationship starts facing hurdles sooner or later.

The reason can be any of the above if you are single and struggling. The struggling is coming because of your end, not because there is a problem with all the guys around the world. Have less expectations, only then you will enjoy what comes your way unexpectedly.