4 Points To Keep In Mind After Your Marriage


4 Points To Keep In Mind After Your Marriage

Love or arranged, situations after your marriage remains the same. All of us experience cold feet when it comes to feeding the in-laws or managing the house. At times we get confused as to how we can manage and take care of our family at the same time?? We feel excited anxiously on hearing the fact that, guests will be coming to congratulate the newly wed couples. And that is when we start missing our own house and our freedom. But, this is not the right thinking. Even after marriage, one can retain their freedom from day 1. You just have to be relaxed and compress your anxiety.

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4 Points To Keep In Mind After Your Marriage

I mean, you guys knew each other from before hand or even if it was an arranged marriage, you people might have met each other and your families, so not all the things are new completely.At least the residing faces are same. So, just relax your mind and allow it function accordingly. Jamming it with unnecessary confusion and anxiety will cause your problems. Below are 4 points to help you deal with the situation.

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The first one month of your marriage will be a surprise journey. No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with your man or no matter how many times you’ve visited his house, the fact that now you are married has overtaken all other meetings. So-

  • Try to wake up early if possible and keep certain works ahead like adjusting the drawing room, organising the breakfast, keeping the clothes ready to be sent for dry cleaning. By doing this, you are actually saving your time and if you are a working lady, keeping things ready before hand will save your time. Thus you can avoid any kind of future conflicts or issues.
  • Try to keep in mind about your in-law’s favourites and diets (If any). Like, how much sugar your father-in-law puts in his tea, or what is that your mother-in-law haves for her breakfast. In short, know about the likings of all your family members and be in good terms with them.

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2#Always stay clean

By this I mean,

  • dusting your bed after you wake up in the morning
  • keeping the bathroom dry after every shower
  • putting the towels in place
  • arranging the cushions in the drawing room
  • keeping your husband’s files and wallet in place
  • keeping your office works or important files in place
  • taking care of your in-law’s medicines ad even keeping an extra file ready for emergency
  • maintaining a diary to jot down points and emergency numbers, etc.  In short, be organised so that you get all the things when you need them.

3#Maintain a diary or prefer stick on’s

These paper stick-on’s are really helpful in remembering things. I use it daily for my daily activities. Be it that small grocery purchase or that last minute guest invitation, stick on’s are really useful. Write those points to remember and stick it on the place where you know you will notice all the time. Like, in your mirror or in the refrigerator. This will allow you to ensure a good habit of never forgetting things and always keeping them in your mind.

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4#Your job is important, but your family is important too

I totally support working after marriage and as a woman, I would love to continue my job even after getting married. I love my ambitions and would never sacrifice those unless needed to. But, that doesn’t mean I will take less care of my family. See, keeping a maid is totally fine, but at times even your beloved husband would love to enjoy a breakfast made by you. Your caring mom-in-law and father-in-law would wish to enjoy that evening snacks and the cup of coffee made by their daughter-in-law.

Marriage is not like how we think it to be, it is much more beautiful. Maintaining your job, focussing on your ambition, all are necessary, but, try to take that extra time out for your family too. Baking that Sunday cake, cooking that Tuesday lunch, preparing that Friday dinner, all are important and more that important, these things are those small beautiful moments which will stay with you forever.

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4 Points To Keep In Mind After Your Marriage

RememberSuccess counts but memories are more important.