Heads Up Men : 6 Simple Phrases to Ignite Her Passion


Heads Up Men : 6 Simple Phrases to Ignite Her Passion

Huh! Men and phrases to ignite the passion, just not the right combination you see. Actually, it is a deadly combination. Men can ignite the passion and that too in a much more passionate manner. You will be surprised to know that, according to a research, on an average woman speaks 7000 words per day and man mutters only 2000 words per day! So less but so effective. This goes well with their personality too. So this article is for those who find it difficult to express their hidden feelings to their ladylove. We will guide you with some 6 really simple phrases that can help you to woo your partner in style.

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Heads Up Men 6 Simple Phrases to Ignite Her Passion-likelovequotes

#1. “I understand…..”

“I understand you and your priorities, your happiness, your sorrows and your importance in my life”. Just these simple lines are enough to make the lady in your life understand that you feel their importance too. You know being a woman by myself I feel that if someone is able to understand our feelings and our importance in their life, nothing else can be more beautiful than this.

#2. “You know you are…”

“You are my lifeline and the reason behind my laugh line”. Just what the doctor advised, some good time and a healthy conversation. Praise her, pamper her and earn her respect. You too know very well that they are indeed special. They are not just your girlfriend or your wife, they are someone who completes you as a person.

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#3. “You know today…….”

“Today my presentation was praised by all in the office meeting”, share those little moments you had in your office or anywhere else. Just use your voice instead of using your keypad to confess your emotions. We do want to know how was your day in the office and laugh with you. We want to be a part of your sorrows and happiness.

#4. “I always……”

“I always think about you, fantasise about you. You are always in mind you know, you and only you can read my mind so very well”. Do I even need to explain this that what it means exactly! I don’t think so. You know your mind and read your heart, follow the rhythm of it and tap your feet accordingly.

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#5. “Let me just…”

“Let me just snuggle you a bit, bite you a bit, kiss you a bit, and love you more than a bit”. Romance is grooving like the wind, you just need to hold her tight and let the wind do the job.

#6.” Today I will…. “

“Today I will cook something for you. Your favourite.” Or something like, “How about I pick up the kids from school today and you stay back and enjoy a good cup of coffee”. These simple but important and basic little moments just shows how much you care for your wife in reality.

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Heads Up Men : 6 Simple Phrases to Ignite Her Passion

So, now you can’t say that “These things are not my cup of coffee”. You just have to be a little bit of yourself with the dash of romance, and you are all set to make your lady love feel special. Like she is the queen and you are her superhero, you are her superman and she is your world.  So, make a click, wink a bit, cause it will be your moment to make her feel important.