What Your Pet Name Says About Your Relationship

What Your Pet Name Says About Your Relationship

What’s in a pet name? – A lot of people believe that a name seldom holds much importance, and it says nothing about you. Actually, a name is pretty important as it not only says something about you, but also provides an insight about your relationship. Couples often give each other pet names out of affection. If you have ever been in a relationship, you must have earned some sort of a nickname which your partner addressed you by. Your partner held the exclusive rights to their nickname and they would be the only one referring to you by that name. While some nicknames may come across as irritating to you, you must accept them wholeheartedly as they give you these nicknames out of affection. The name sticks to you while you are in a relationship with them. You might as well like to call them by some name, too. The names by which you call each other do give some knowledge as to the way your relationship is.

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What Your Pet Name Says About Your Relationship

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Here is what some of the nicknames mean:

  1. Prince/Princess

If your partner calls you prince/princess, then they will most likely treat you like one. This word has a royal quality to it and so, if you are called by this name, then your partner treats you like a prince/princess and fulfills all your wishes. There are people who are completely devoted to their partner and call them by a name which would reflect their love for them. When your partner addresses you as prince/princess, know that he will treat you with utmost care and respect. He will shower your life with happiness and will not let you get affected by any trouble or worry that comes your way.

  1. Honey

The name itself denotes sweetness. It seems to have become a fairly common name with which people address their partners, but has not lost its charm as yet. There is a sense of redolence that this term conveys, and it makes your partner realize that they are very special to you. This word has become so common that people do not get embarrassed when they hear their partner calling out this name in a crowd. You can show your affection without thinking about others’ reactions.

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  1. Love

It is the simplest and yet one of the most beautiful ways to call your partner. Referring to them as ‘love’ or ‘my love’  can have the kind of effect that probably cannot be recreated by any other term or word. Sometimes, the trick lies in not beating around the bush and putting things as simply as you can. The person whom you are in a relationship with is the love of your life and is someone who can do anything for you.  You do not necessarily have to look for fancy words to communicate how you feel about them. Keep it simple and heartfelt.

  1. Pet name

Instead of doing some brainstorming to figure out a new pet name for your partner, you could just call them by their pet name. Almost everybody has a pet name. Your partner must have one, too, by which they are referred to by their friends and family. Instead of going for a new pet name, you could start calling them by the pet name given to them by their family. If a person acquires too many pet names, it creates a lot of confusion. It would be nice if you stick to their original pet name.

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  1. Sexy

This one has turned out be a common term these days but it still has that tingle of naughtiness to it. If you call your partner sexy, it will let them know that you are attracted to them and are as interested in them like you used to be when you started dating them. It would also make your partner feel confident, as they would realize that they still come across as physically attractive. Also, it is important to keep the spark in a relationship alive. You have to keep the excitement and fun intact as you go ahead in a relationship.

  1. Dear

Dear is a very basic term that seems to be going out of fashion these days. You end up addressing a lot of people by this term, but when you call your partner ‘dear’, it means something special. The nickname works for people who are slightly reserved and do not want to go to crazy with nicknames. If your partner does not like fancy nicknames and would prefer you calling them by a classy name, then you can go for this. The term also sounds very sophisticated.

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  1. Baby

When you call a grown up person ‘baby’, it means you treat them like a child. Even if not always, there are times when you pamper them and take special care of them as if they were kids. It sounds very cute when you refer to your partner as baby. You can call your partner baby a hundred times in a day and it will please them immensely every time you utter this word.

Nicknames are not the most important thing in a relationship. What matters is the way you treat your partner and the kind of feelings you have for them. However, a cute nickname which reflects the love you have for your partner does add some spice to your relationship.