Why do Some People Still Marry For Love and not for Money


Why do Some People Still Marry For Love and not for Money

It is a common notion in society that people marry for money these days than for love. Is this real true? Do you really belief in this very notion? Well, According to me there are many for still marry for Love and definitely not for money. Often we come across many people who will believe that impressing a girl will not require much effort. All they need is to provide is impress her with ones material soundness. They think that impressing a girl by bestowing luxurious gifts will help them win Her Heart. But being a girl, I can say that it is not the Material well being of a person that matters to girls these days. What matters to them is Love and Loyalty from their partner. LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to highlight the reality behind the decision on marrying someone.

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Why do Some People Still Marry For Love and not for Money

Marry Me: Love Is All That Matters.

There are many people who still believe that In the End, It is Only Love That matters and nothing else when they decide to tie a knot with someone. Materialistic aspect has become secondary these days. Everyone who wants to be together sees for the Connection, a connection which binds two souls into one. If we talk about girls, these days they have become independent and are self sufficient in order to fulfill their needs they do not require anyone’s support. All they ask for love, faith ,trust and most important Loyalty.

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We still have people who marry for love, companionship and togetherness. We do have people who keep material prosperity secondary and love primary. No matter who the person is its the connection of the souls that matters. Material possession will get exhaust one day. All that comes with a Life Long Guarantee is Infinite Love for the Partner. No luxury can provide comfort which the presence of the partner can provide. Love is above all the comforts money can buy. It is truly Priceless.

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Thus, it is no wonder that many still believe in the power of love. This is because as we say, ‘Love is All That Matters.’