People Often Believe that They are in Love but They are Actually

People often believe that they are in lLOVE but they are actually in LUST when they first meet. Don’t believe it?

What is the first thing you look for when you want a new girlfriend or boyfriend? Is the their looks, the way they act or talk? Or how about their smile or the awesome shape of their body? Yeah, you know it! That’s lust alright! But you also know…that all goes away in old age! [ Read: Something About Love ]

People Often Believe that They are in Love but They are Actually
– Written by Chryss Balcom (member of

Look around now…. picture yourself with an old person! And then wonder how someone can be married for so many years to that one person – for life. Now THAT is LOVE!

The thing you need to be asking yourself when you want to date a person is….can I live with this person and all of their flaws…..until I am old and not physically desirable, and I don’t even talk or hear very good anymore but yet I am still a good person.

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One thing you might do when you start a new relationship is….what are the little things that bug you about this person you just met – or the red flags that warn you about them….because the thing you dislike the most….may not be as bad as you think and you can actually work together with this person to make a terrific life with them!

The little flaws that bug you now….may not be there in ten or twenty years…and you may just find yourself old and gray one day with that one special person – for life!

Food for Thought: Your own unselfish acceptance of another in seeing the beauty in everything another person says, does and feels makes YOU more desirable to be with and allows the person you once thought had flaws start with – to grow in ways unimaginable – and to love you unselfishly…..because you taught them that. [ Read: 10 Tips to be a good house husband ]