Passing Fancy:He Likes Me or He Likes Me Not


Passing Fancy:He Likes Me or He Likes Me Not

Infatuation is nothing but a Passing Fancy. We can define infatuation as mere ‘Temporary Attraction’ towards Someone. It is a flow of feeling which may tend to fade with time. Infatuation can also be termed as a Passing Fancy. To put it in simple terms, it is a fancy which passes or fades away as we get mature with time. For instance, the idea of having a crush on someone. When we have a crush on someone we know, that though we like the person but the person is ‘Unattainable’. Hence we realize that it is  mere a Passing Fancy.

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Signs To Know He Likes You Too

Having a crush on Someone usually happens mostly when we are in our Teenage. As teens we tend to get attracted to many and confuse it with ‘Love.’ ‘Infatuation’ is not ‘Love.’ The feeling of Love is Powerful, Strong and Permanent. Sometimes this feeling which is confused with love or liking can be entirely ‘One- Sided.’ is here to help you find out that if your crush too Likes you or Not.

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Body Language:
Are you Waiting to hear from Him? If Yes!, then believe it is a bad idea. Why to always wait for Him to convey his Feelings to you? Instead try to read his actions and gestures towards it. It is not necessary to articulate ones feeling towards someone. Does he touch you lot? Does he try to Make a Eye Contact with you? Do you often caught him Glancing at You? If you notice certain things happening between you both, be sure he too likes you.

Does he Compliments you more often? Men compliment girls when they are get romantically attracted towards a girl. If someone is complimenting mostly about your looks. There are Chances He too Likes You Back.

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Personal Touch:
Is your more keen to know about you? What you like? What you dislike? If the person you have a crush on is more interested in knowing you personally. He too is definitely attracted towards you.

His Friends and Family:
It is true that no guy will want you to meet his friends and his family, if he consider you just friends. The more he wishes to make you meet his friends and family the more are the chances he considers you ‘More Than Friends’

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Strong Communication:
If the boy makes it a point that you both are connected all the time. He is sure that he likes you. When we like someone we wish to stay connected with them. Due to this reason we try to contact that person more and more. If you too find him texting you even for little things, Yes, He Too Is Having The Same Feeling For You. 

Read Things Unsaid:
There are chances that the person you may have a crush on too have the same feeling for you. But it is you who is unable to read those hints. A guy gets attracted towards someone they do not voice out their feelings in open air. But they initially throw Hints to know even you too have the same feeling for him or not.

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Hence, Sometimes, Feelings are more Strong than Words to make you realize the other person too have the same kind of feelings for you. Therefore, ‘Stop Reading Words, Read the Feelings.’