How To Deal With An Overweening Boyfriend


How To Deal With An Overweening Boyfriend

Overweening/Arrogant/Conceited/Toffee-Nosed are the words used to describe those hunky-dory guys whose pride is always up above their sleeves. The problem arises when they start showing those unnecessary pride even after committing a mistake. They feel it’s their right to make mistakes and our duty to deal with it calmly. But not everytime the things goes as expected because we girls also have our limit of patience. Every pitcher has a limit, if you try o overfill it, the water overflows creating a mess around. So, today your  #hopelesslyromantic author is here with some points as to how to deal with your little hoity-toity boyfriend.

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How To Deal With An Overweening Boyfriend

1/Be strict and be confident

Have you ever seen how a teacher treats his arrogant students?? Do they just leave them in the middle of the road or expel them?? NO! They teach them the rights and wrongs by being strict and confident. You’ve to do the same with your partner, every time he shows that annoying pride even after committing a mistake. Be strong and deal with both of them (The situation and HIM) with a strict attitude. Remember: Never make yourself inferior or stoop your head down unnecessary. Make them feel that they did wrong and you’re hurt by their behaviour. But never allow their sweet words to melt you. MIND YOU!

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2/Never allow them to melt you

They use your emotions and easily forgiving nature as their weapon. Please try to control your emotions no matter how hard they cry or pretend that they are sorry. A quick litmus test to check whether they are truly sorry is- Remind them how they played with your emotions and how bad you felt. If they reply with “I promise I won’t do it again. I’ll make it up to you” then be a little more flexible with your behaviour. But if they reply angrily or more ferociously then, please reply them sternly. Mind you I said FLEXIBLE and not LENIENT.

3/Gone are the days of sweet words and SWEARS

This is a reality check that PROMISES AND SWEARS ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN. Have you ever heard someone died due to false promises or due to breaking the promises?? At least I haven’t heard any such cases, cause if this was true then I would have been dead long ago. See, men use these swears as a pass to get away with serious situations easily. They know that we girls get extra emotional when the phrase “I SWEAR ON YOU” is being used. Trust me these are just techniques to ignore the situations.

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4/ Some other handy steps like

  • Acting strangely when Mr. overweening forgets to inform you about friends get together or a beer party. Like, different from how you reacted earlier when they failed to inform you, you used to get angry and fight for the whole day. But now, behave as if these things doesn’t matter at all. Make sure you keep this behaviour going for a longer period of time until they ask you “Why you’re not scolding me or fighting with me”. TRUST ME THEY WILL!
  • Purposely forget any special day and act normally. This means the same as the previous point, let them feel the difference, let them feel that they are losing you, let the fear of losing you get nailed in their head.

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  • Reply late and avoid instant replying to their texts, be suspicious and act as if you’ve changed suddenly.
  • Avoid uploading “I AM HAPPY WITHOUT YOU” pictures or posting about the fight on Facebook or any other social networking sites. Instead, use small sarcastic quotes like, “Men are known by two qualities: Attitude when everything goes wrong and Gestures when they did something wrong”- #HopelesslyRomantic

The purpose of me writing all these above points was to encourage all those girls out there to wear their high heels and walk like a boss. Be a strict teacher and explain your overweening boyfriend that what they are doing is absolutely wrong, it’s high time they should correct themselves and come to the right track.

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How To Deal With An Overweening Boyfriend

But avoid those guys who make their mistakes their choice and never tries to understand what you’re trying to say. Before that, give your best in saving the relationship.

Words of wisdom: Breakin up is very easy, but, love is all about tolerance and holding on to the person you love to make it a lifetime journey.