Overcome The Fear of Ignorance and Focus on Career


Overcome The Fear of Ignorance and Focus on Career??

To get the real taste of life one has to overcome the fear of IGNORANCE and focus on their CAREER. Yet at times,  it really becomes difficult to implement the same in real life. We try hard but still those feeling of getting ignored haunts us like a nightmare. But however  hard or difficult it is, only YOU YOURSELF can help yourself to get out of this situation. See, ignorance is nothing but a state of mind which actually tells you to be more attentive about yourself. It just depends on how you take it, POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.

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Overcome The Feeling of Ignorance and Focus on Career

God has gifted us with the power of self-motivation, and we need to utilize it at the right time. So whenever you are in a situation where you feel some people are trying to pull you down or making fun of your ignorant behavior, just take a deep breath and LET IT GO. Have you ever looked up into the dictionary to find out the meaning of IGNORANCE?? Well according to the dictionary or Wikipedia, IGNORANCE is the lack of knowledge or information. This is a very normal thing to have, we all have our own vices, our own strength’s and weaknesses ; and that’s what makes us A UNIQUE PERSON. Having an ignorant brain is not a big deal, everybody lacks knowledge on many aspects, nothing to be deeply sad or depressed about.

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Try to educate yourself about the concept or the thing on which you have less knowledge. How?? –

  • Collect as many pieces of  information as possible
  • Go slow; don’t just try to put everything inside your head at one go. Remember, you are a human being and not a ROBOT.
  • Surround yourself with people who have more knowledge and knows how to spread those. Avoid crankily or overweening people who though have good knowledge but is too bossy to share those with people.Overcome The Feeling of Ignorance and Focus on Career
  • Read newspapers, participate in debates, speak about a topic each day.
  • Write some notes on them, make a copy and keep writing.
  • If needed go to some workshops or classes on that particular subject
  • Look up-to-the internet for any help.
  • Motivate your mind that you will do it. The power of self-motivation is inconceivable.

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Next question comes, how to focus on our career inspite of being ignorant! See, once you realize your mistake it’s your duty to work on them. Make your flaws your strength, not your weakness. The more you allow them to prey on you, the more they will make you weak and feel like an ignorant. So, be positive, work hard, be professional and walk towards shaping your career.

Overcome The Feeling of Ignorance and Focus on Career

Ultimately the real taste of life is in having a well-flourished career, making your parents and more than them making yourself proud. It is your past that defines your present, and it is the present that builds your future. So, LEARN FROM YOUR PAST TO WRITE YOUR PRESENT AND PUBLISH YOUR FUTURE as the best seller. Be an inspiration, be a trademark for others and motivate other people like you.

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Never fear to make mistakes, but don’t make those mistakes your ultimate choice. The saying that “WE LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES” has a deep meaning if looked closely. Avoid those people whose only motto in life is to live on their parents’ money, they are only there to discourage you. Find ways to keep your mind busy and use them in a productive form. We all are blessed with the same form of brain, the difference lies in how we use them. If we use them to produce manures they will nurture a plant and if we train them to produce ZERO they will keep on adding more ZEROES without thinking. Robin Sharma said- “Our performance reflects our hard work”.

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Overcome The Feeling of Ignorance and Focus on Career

Lastly, I would Love to say that think and then act, avoid wasting time or lamenting on your past. We can’t erase our past, but we can surely write our present to build our future. Ultimately our career defines our own self, we all want to enjoy life without any hindrance, help our family during the emergency and above all, give our parents a life they deserve.