Ways To Protect Your Relationship When You’re Drifting Apart


Ways To Protect Your Relationship When You’re Drifting Apart

Love is imperative, a relationship can only be successful if the amount of love between the two souls is in proper proportion. Don’t you feel sad in giving up the #relationship for which you have sacrificed so much?? Don’t you feel lame in giving up for that #relationship which gave you so much to remember?? Never give up because you had a fight or your relationship is going through a negative phase. Fight to make it right, fight to bring back the lost spark, trust me, the day you will see your #relationship blooming again into a beautiful flower, you’ll shed the tears of happiness. The feeling is ethereal and nothing can replace this. How can you protect your relationship from breaking up, here are some practical ways you must follow.

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Ways To Protect Your Relationship When You're Drifting Apart

  1. Hold it tight

There can be reasons when you feel like leaving your relationship and move ahead, I totally support this feeling. But, does that mean you will completely clear your hands off from the relationship?? No! Hold it tight, hold it strong and fight for it till the limit breaks.

2. Communicate till you get the answer

Sometimes what happens is, we feel that if we stop talking or avoid conversation for a day or two, everything will fall back to its place again. This is wrong,completely wrong. Why will you stop talking?? Why?? Let each other talk it out, let the fight happen, let it get bad so that all those hidden emotions which were creating the problems comes out and your #relationship gets to breathe the air of joy.

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3. Meet with each other as many times you want

Go to his house, meet him and meet until he speaks out why he is having a problem in respecting the relationship. Make sure you keep away your phones and laptop to listen what your partner has to say.

4. Replace emoji with your real expression

I am whole heartedly against this concept of emojis. I mean how ridiculous this is that to show you are angry or to show you are happy, we use those animated emotions and not our own face! Remember that, our face is not only meant for applying MAC makeup or using Garnier Men’s fairness cream, neither it is meant for filling up your phone’s memory card! Use your tears, let your face do the talking, speak out if you feel something is not right. Use your voice, use your hands to express and not that stupid emojis. Got my point??

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5.Avoid considering any other person’s suggestion

Sharing your problems with your best friend is fine, but, seeking their suggestion and implementing them is not at all fine. Use your brain, you know your partner more than your best friend, you know his heart, you know his anger, you will be the right person to find out the solutions. Your friends can only give you suggestions based on what you say to them, but there are many unsaid emotions which only you know about your #relationship and your partner.

6. Scold your partner if needed, but don’t leave them

Yes, scold them till you feel you have no other words in your stock. Scold them to make them understand, if needed slap them hard to make them realize that the concept of breaking up or giving up is a mere illusion. Wake them up from their dream and make them face the reality. Allow them to see how hard you both have worked to make this alluring #relationship to give the stage it deserves.

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7. Avoid uploading your problems in Facebook or WhatsApp

Facebook and Whatsapp are not the places where you can upload or share your personal problems. Use those platforms to share your creative works, your blogs and any kind of news, but not to share your personal #relationship. Keep it to yourself, don’t make it public.

Ways To Protect Your Relationship When You're Drifting Apart

Sharing, caring ,loving, scolding,fighting, hugging,communicating, all are a part of your #relationship. Every fight you have, no matter how bitter or rude it is, has a deep meaning attached to it. Listen to the meaning, listen to the reason behind the fight, seek a solution, seek solace, don’t give up, don’t allow it to drift away. Love is beautiful and life is how you make it more beautiful by holding it strong during thick and thin.