An Open Letter To YOU


An Open Letter To YOU

Dear You,

I won’t name YOU. I am writing this open letter on behalf of all those broken hearts which once beat to the tune of that YOU. But YOU never understood that beating. That is your problem but why are we suffering? Starting from the day, the first day we meet till the last day we broke up, everything seemed so different. Throughout my journey, I tried to search for that LOVE, PASSION, but I found none. This open letter is a part of my journey I have gone through after my breakup. But YOU don’t worry at all, you smile and fly high. Dream and live your dream. I will take some time to gather myself and also live my dream. But you don’t feel worried at all.

An Open Letter To YOU

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Don’t feel I am worried about what people will think and speak behind my back. Neither I am afraid to declare my singlehood after so long years. I am not scared of what people will say about the relationship behind my back, I am not. For me, this relationship was a tough link to deal with. One of the toughest decision of my life was to hook up with you but one of the easiest decision for you was to break up with me. You took like just 4 days to end this relationship. Just 4 days to end our 5 years long relationship. Strange right!

You know for the past two months after my breakup, I felt afraid to declare my singlehood. I thought, who was that girl or boy for whom you broke up with me? People say when a person falls in love with some other person while being in a relationship, was not actually in a true relationship. But, I would like to ask you one question, do you really love that other partner for whom you broke up this relationship? I don’t know. But all I know is that, for you LOVE is a game. A game of emotions and nothing else.

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You played with my emotions, played with my trust, and even my patience. Every time you said sorry, I thought this was the last time. But no, sorry was like a confirmed bill I used to receive every month. But still, I tried to understand YOU. Giving up my job, my career, just to be with you. And what I got in return? Just nothing. You left me when I needed you the most. Whereas, whenever you needed me, I was always there.

I will never forget the lesson I learnt from you. Infact, you taught me the best lesson of my life. You taught me that never be too much dependent on someone, never, rely on yourself and be self-sufficient. Be rich enough to buy diamonds for your own self. You don’t need a man or a girl to buy it. Celebrate your own joy, some moments of success, remember your own work anniversary, love your family and love your self-respect. But there is this one advice I would love to give YOU.

An Open Letter To YOU

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Life is not a bed of roses. Life is a beautiful parody, a sarcastic reply, a moment of guilt and heart full of dissatisfaction. It is a smile which passes away in a second. Do you what is the harsh reality of life? It is death. Death is a juxtaposed imagery of all the deeds you did throughout your lifetime. Life is not about YOU and your habits. And one day, YOU will miss me. Maybe you may not express it publicly, in front of others, but deep inside your heart and mind, you will miss me. You will miss me from the deepest core of your heart and mind.


One time lover