An Open Letter To The Teacher Who Changed My Life


An Open Letter To The Teacher Who Changed My Life

We meet so many people in our lifetime. But there are only few who leave a lasting impression on our minds. One such person is a ‘Teacher’ who changed our life completely. Isn’t it so? Every one of us has been through a phase where teachers too have become our role models. We have pass the phase in life where we aspire to become like them. Do you remember the teacher who left such impressions on your mind and heart? I think I should consider myself blessed enough to have such a TEACHER in life forever by my side. Hence, Why not make the day special for her and bring a smile on her face without any reason. Here’s an open letter to the teacher who changed my life and made it meaningful.

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A Letter To A Teacher Who Changed Me

Dear Teacher,

It has literary been years since I left the place where your presence by my side made things so easy. It has been years when I had been with you and learnt more from you. But whatever you have taught me in these passing years stays buried deeply in my mind and heart. This is because you have been one such teacher who had changed my life like no one has ever done. As years have gone by, I have realized that having those sessions along with other batch mates of mine had been the most beautiful days.

I still remember those dull days when God was busy deciding my fate and things seemed up side down. It was you who came and lit a candle of Hope. It is you who showed me the right path when I was doubtful of my abilities like always. It was when you entered and you changed my life. Life started to look things differently. Dear Teacher, you had been strict with me for all good reasons. Somewhere between all this I was aware that I am definitely among one of your favorite students. Honestly, this idea still make me glad and give me a reason to flaunt that special place in your heart among other students around me.
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Looking back to those years I have all the reasons to Thank you for making me capable enough to stand where I am standing with my head high. You have been the only one who believed in me when I was unsure of my abilities. You have never reused to clear any doubts, no matter the number of times I asked the same thing again and again. I still remember those extra hours you sacrificed from your personal time and gave us to your students. You were ready to give your best to your students without any selfish motive.

It is your way of teaching the subject that made English Literature my First Love. I have never seen a teacher till date who can teach the subject the way you do. Most of all you made me love English Language, which is indeed a major part of what I am today. Thus, I would take an opportunity to Thank You for making me feel confident and self- assured. Thank you to allow me to turn  to you for any issues till today. Thank You for changing my life and adding meaning to it. Thank you for everything.

Yours Truly

Your Favorite Student Back Then.