An Open Letter To My Love


An Open Letter To My Love

Letter To My Love– DUH! Finally, I got the chance to write a letter for you, and that too a LOVE letter!

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An Open Letter To My Love

Read With Care

Where to start from?? I won’t make it sound cliche by saying “Whenever you’re around my world goes upside down” or something more platitude like “Falling so crazy in love, TE AMO ME TE AMO”. Oops! Actually, I said those phrases! But no matter what, I made the correct decision by confessing my feelings to you 5 years back. 5 Years have passed and still we are the same as we were during our college days.

That Day! It All Started That Day-

What a day it was, stormy sky flooded streets and our college gang gearing up for youth parliament state level championship. I was having my 10th cup of tea and looking at you through my froggy eyes and you, as usual, flirting with other girls out there. I kept the cup down, went near you and gave you the sheets for rehearsal.

Shocking Situation

Instead of looking around and saying a word, you  hold my hand and told me to wait. I was in a state of shock! Trust me your touch gave me 440 volts current and suddenly I felt my hairs flying to the tunes of “You are stuck in my heart and we can go anywhere”. I turned around and just looked at you, you were still busy talking to other girls. Your wicked smile each time someone said something flirtish, made me go even crazier. But my hands were tied as I was not sure how you felt about me!

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And Then……It Happened

And do you remember the day I proposed you?? YES! I proposed you. I still remember your reply, it said “Are you sure??”, I mean who asks this when he gets a proposal?? Yeah, you can ask since you were the MOST WANTED STUD of our college and batch, so yeah, you can ask that. And each time I said you I LOVE YOU, your ultimate reply was “ARE YOU SURE”!  But nevertheless, since then I understood I had to deal with a proud and tall dark handsome guy from now. It was a roller coaster journey, full of villains and odds. Dealing with your stupid antics and infamously obnoxious attitude, I never knew when this journey completed 5 years. Hey! 5 years, not a joke, right!

The best moment with you are actually many, I can’t name one out of them. Some moments like- My first kiss, my first introduction to your parents, and many such precious moments are really close to my heart.

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Yes! I Am Crazy

Even, you would be surprised to know that the first time we had a lunch together, I have those bills with me. Saved and preserved in a special and secret place, away from the glimpse of you and everybody.

I Was Hurt

Do you remember, that day, the day I caught you doing something wrong?? I was badly hurt and broken.  I came back home and cried like a child. You promised me this won’t happen, but the promise was broken very frequently. Each time it was a new excuse, a new drama altogether. You kind of puzzled me with your habits and made me feel guilty for no reason. I was not wrong, but every time you proved me wrong for no reason. Each time you misbehaved, you kind of showed a fake attitude for no reason. There was no sign of guilt in your face. I just wanted one thing from you, spell the truth no matter how hard it is.

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Finally, and ultimately you kind of understood your flaws and promised (YET AGAIN) not to repeat them again. Our relationship went through a lot of trouble, a lot of the third person tried to ruin our trust and our faith on each other, but I guess there was this unseen force which kept our souls together. It kind of acted as a shield and protected our love from those third species.

The reason behind writing this letter is, I only want a promise from you,

a promise of not to break this promise,

to guide each other throughout our life,

to be with each other during odds and act as one.

I got you after a lot of sacrifices, we both have come a long journey, seen many negative happenings together, let the future be a place we dreamt of and not a place we left ages ago.

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