An Open Letter To My Best Friend


An Open Letter To My Best Friend

So, this letter is about my best friend who is tall, fair, a trendsetter with two beauty spots below her lips and one up on her eyelids and the rest sitting peacefully on her cheeks. Once you meet her you can understand why she is called the BARBIE or THE TRENDSETTER among her friends.

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An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Our Moments Together

I still remember the first time I meet you, I was sitting on the last bench, it was my first day in school. You all went for the morning assembly, and since I was the new girl I was kind of unknown about this particular timing of assembly. But nevertheless, we exchanged our first talk during the tiffin time. I bought some chapati you got your favorite MAGGI MAGGI MAGGI. The first conversation we exchanged was “So, how was your previous school??Did they shared tiffin like us??”, you asked me with your famous expression of raising your eyebrows. This was the beginning of our journey, a journey from how we became the best friend.

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Do you remember our first tuition classes together at Kaushik sir’s house?? You wore that sky top and I wore my  favorite striped b/w t-shirt. I looked like someone straight from the pages of B/W KOLKATA with hair tied neatly and a pair of glasses. I looked like one of those studios girls who knew nothing apart from studies. But believe me, only I know what I was and apparently after few days you too.

You first came to my house most probably during one of those tuition classes, I guess it was winter and you wore a nice pair of a pink striped skirt with a blue t-shirt. Actually, I am confused, was that your first day?? Or when I invited you to my aunt’s house warming party, that was the first day?? Whatever it is, my mother made your favorite SPICED ONION PANEER and she called you her second daughter, I was feeling like I got a sister. Wow! From best friend to sister, that’s something really amazing.

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The reaction when you got yet another proposal from THE MAN OF THE MOMENT. And then your excuses of not able to commit totally to him and how I texted him in place of you! My god, some crazy days those were! And how can you forget that during one such text exchanging program ( I FORWARDED WHATEVER HE TEXTED ME and YOU FORWARDED ME THE REPLY), I kind of forwarded him his last sent text and then came his reply “What is this?? You’re forwarding my texts??” , we both were in a state of shock and totally froze! How weird and funny moments were those. In fact, we learned one of the practical lessons and rule of texting, i.e- NEVER TEXT IN A HURRY, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE UPTO SOMETHING UNUSUAL.

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Hey! I remembered how my mother used to think that THE MAN OF THE MOMENT was actually my boyfriend. Do you reconcile the day when he came to our house ?? That day when you came and we kind of decided to call him too, my mother was really angry with me, but then I kind of handled everything. And for the next 1 whole year I was being teased by his name every second. Speaking of THE MAN OF THE MOMENT he was truly spellbound by your farewell get up. And obviously, I have that group picture with me and is really close to my heart.

The Spell Of Yellow On Us

There was this time, it was during our college admission and we were so smitten by the concept of taxi’s that each time we traveled we took this beautifully yellow colored transport for our journey (NO MATTER HOW FAR or NEAR OUR DESTINATION WAS). But now, see, we are crossing the roads and fighting for that last seat in the metro, how tricky life can be! Each time I look back to the old pages, I kind of feel grateful of meeting you and creating such wonderful moments. The moments I always wanted to have with my best friend, the moment which I wanted to share with my kids so that they can proudly speak to their friends about our friendship.

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An Open Letter To My Best FriendEach time I look back to the old pages, I kind of feel grateful of meeting you and creating such wonderful moments with you. These memories kind of taught me some of the wisest lessons of my life, it taught me to be a lady and above all, to be a friend forever. Lots Of Love and all the best for your near future my best friend. I know you’ll do great and always be the best MISS. LEO.

Miss you,

Yours- FRIEND.