Online Flirting – Are You Cheating Without Realizing it?

Online Flirting – Are You Cheating Without Realizing it?

Online Flirting – With the advent of social networking websites, people have found an outlet to make friends and make acquaintances with strangers.  The internet has enabled people to get closer to each other and stay in touch that in return increases the possibility of online flirting. You might be in a remote place based in the interiors but you can reach out to someone in a different country altogether. While this has helped many people make friends and get connected to like-minded people, online flirting is also the cause behind many relationships breaking apart. A lot many people find it easy to cheat these days as you can get in touch with people easily and can have an affair with them without actually meeting then. Your partner might be around you but you can easily send an inappropriate message to a stranger through your smartphone. There has been a steep rise in infidelity as meeting people, having an affair with them and cheating on your partner have become very easy.

While a lot of people cheat consciously, there are many who cross that line without even realizing it by means of sharing their feelings with strangers in the form of online flirting. They become friends with strangers on the internet and start talking to them. They think they are just socializing with people but sometimes, they get attracted to someone and end up cheating on their partner. They love their partner, have no intention on cheating on them but end up doing it as they get carried away by their emotions. Earlier, people used to socialise but they did not have the luxury to meet thousands of people in a day. Now, because of social networking websites they get to meet people all across the globe. This makes it easier for them to have affairs with a number of people.

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Here are a few signs that you are cheating on your partner by means of online flirting without even realizing it:

  1. You talk to them all the time

There is nothing wrong about making friends on social networking websites but there is no reason why you would spend hours talking to a person who you do not know personally. You must limit your conversation with people whom you know only through these websites. Your partner deserves your time and if you give more importance to random people you meet on the internet than your partner then something is wrong with your relationship. You need to keep yourself under check and if you are giving more importance to a certain online friend than your partner then it is not a good thing at all. You might tell yourself that you are doing this because you like talking to them. Fair enough. But, what explains you giving your precious time to them rather than spending it with your partner? This indicates that you are moving away from your partner. You might not realize this but your friendship with this person you befriended on a social networking website is hampering your relationship.

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  1. You get drawn towards them

The realization that you are getting drawn towards someone hits you sooner or later. You are friends with someone but you feel a certain attraction toward them which suggests there is more to your relationship than what meets the eye. You might not understand what it is but you do feel that there is something brewing. When you are friends with someone online, even though you do not get to meet them personally, you could build a strong connection with them. You enjoy talking to them more than you like spending time with your partner. The fact that you do not get to meet them makes you anxious. You want to get close to them and know them better. You feel the urge to meet them in person. It started off as a casual friendship on the internet but that person has become an important part of your life now. Even though you are in a relationship, talking to your online friend makes you happier than spending time with your partner does.

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  1. Your partner complains

Your partner has been getting impatient and complaining to you about your changed behavior.  They say that you do not spend enough time with them and while away all your time looking at your computer or cell phone screen. They ask you who you exchange messages with all the time. You lie to them saying that it is office work or you are talking to a colleague. You lie to them bluntly without any regret whatsoever. They are upset about the fact that you do not give them enough time and attention. You do not give them surprise gifts, nor do you take them out on drives. They feel you are growing distant from them. You would, of course, deny this at first but you cannot run away from these accusations for long. If your partner is putting forward their grievances in front of you, you must address them. You must introspect and try to understand why you have changed as a person.

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There is nothing wrong about healthy flirting but there is a fine line between flirting harmlessly and hitting on someone that you should not cross the line with. It is relatively easy to control yourself when you are flirting with someone in person but when you are doing it online, things become dicey as there is nobody around to keep a check on you. Thus, it is important that you exercise self-control and put certain restrictions on yourself for the sake of your relationship.