Once there was a Bond… Broken by Love

Once there was a Bond… Broken by Love

“Best buds, brother and sister tandem, partners in crime…..this was exactly us….until accidentally, I betrayed that friendship and fall in love with you.” – Bond Broken by Love

Once there was a Bond... Broken by Love
– Written by: Kaye Tots (member of LikeLoveQuotes.com)

We are office mates for more than 4 years now. We did not start right. We became friends because the bully me was nothing but a tease to him. He has a great crush on one of our office mates and since I learned that, every single day I see him, I would recite an undying poetry of how he feels about the girl. Then started our friendship which mainly revolves about me teasing him to the girl. I, ended up being the bridge of courtship for him. [ Read: LDR – Long Distance Relationship Essentials ]

As days pass by, I have known him. I have taught how good a man he is and how big his heart to his family. For me, he is the epitome of a gentleman, in the real sense of the word. I thought to myself this girl he is in love with was missing the best man ever existed. We became so close like real siblings. I shared my life with him, he shared his to me. Everything was so damn good. But my foolish heart has spoken the forbidden words to my mind. I found myself falling in love with Brother. I kept it to myself and tried my very best to keep it hidden specially to him.

The moment I admitted to myself I have fallen for him was the exact same moment he needed me the most. The one he loves frankly told him that there is no chance of them being together for the sole reason she was to serve God. She said she might consider it if they belong to the same congregation. In other words, God is our competition.

It was his first broken heart and as his best friend, it was my duty to help him cope up. Each time I am with him on those painful days, the pain I am feelings was twice as much of how he feel. I am so jealous of the girl for he loves him so much but my pain must be left unspoken for it was not right. [ Read: How do I get Over a Broken Heart? ]

So, I played the role of a good friend all the while until he finally recovers from the pain. Then, I saw him smile again.

Everything went well until April of 2013 during our company sports fest, when he played power forward for our account’s basketball team. He is great on this sport and so girls started to notice him and swoon for him. I, for one have been smitten again with his basketball prowess. What saddened me is him asking me which of these girls could be a good girlfriend material. It’s like a spear that sliced my heart into a million pieces. I didn’t see it coming! I was not ready to see him possibly trying to fall in love again.

This puts me into sleepless nights. I have made a lot of thinking and finally decided to open up my heart. I send him a very long message baring my heart’s content since the moment I admitted to myself I love him. I told him that I just want to let him know and I am not expecting him to feel the same. It’s just that I can’t keep it anymore. [ Read: 15 Broken Heart Quotes and Sayings ]

I waited for a response but nothing came. He just saw the message and said nothing at all. The next day at the office, it seemed nothing had happened and he is still the same. I asked him if he had read the message. He told, he saw it but have not read it for its too long. I cursed him and said to him to read it when he gets home.

He did and told me that it’s alright, nothing will change. That we’re still brothers and sisters. I felt freed that he was not mad about it. But everything has change the next time we saw each other. He became distant and quiet.

Guilt suddenly covered my whole being. We ended up just saying “Hi, Hello, and Goodbye” or just nodding shortly to each other. People started to notice the indifference. And it made me become more guilty of the admitting my feelings.

Until now, we are not really in talking terms. It is so painful that it was all my fault. If only I kept my heart out of sight, we might still be enjoying the friendship we built for years. [ Read: 15 Healing a Broken Heart Quotes and Sayings ]

I miss him, everything about him. But in every time I do, I can’t do anything by discretely cry for a bond broken by love.

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