On My 80th Birthday – Teena Vyas

On My 80th Birthday – Teena Vyas

It was my birthday. He came. He was all over me. I was so happy to see my love. He smiled. I blinked followed by a smile.

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I knew it honey, i knew it. You cannot miss my birthday. You just cannot. Now wish me. Say something. Say no. My ears are just dying to hear you. I still remember you surprised me at 12 on my 30th birthday. Speak up now. I said out of excitement.

But he didn’t speak and all of a sudden i saw tears rolling down his wringled cheeks.

Baby, why are you crying and not speaking to me. I already said sorry for all my mistakes last time. You can’t stay mad at me for so long baby. I’m dying to hear you. Say something. Please. Can you hear me? I asked.

Why I’m not able to hug you,honey ? Grab me, please? And please don’t cry honey that hurts.I said with teary eyes.

I kept on screaming my lungs out.

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But it seemed as if my voice was not loud enough and then i saw him going after putting flowers on my grave. I panicked. Knocked every corner of my grave. I cried, I screamed for help. I asked every another stranger to bring him back. But nobody heard me.