Office Romance – Pros and Cons

Office Romance – Pros and Cons

Most men and ladies spend a majority of their time at the workplace. Often, there are many good looking, smart and single people you encounter and deal with at your office. Liking somebody from your work place is very common these days. But is it practical? Does it lead to problems or can be a good way to spend time at work?

Office Romance – Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at few of the pros and cons of having an office romance.


1. Always in sight

This works both ways. It can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. If both of you work together, it is likely that you are always in each other’s sight and can see what your partner is doing. You can walk up to them for a brief conversation or have lunch together. You don’t need to care for making small talk with others because you have someone very special who you can talk to at work. You won’t miss them as much, because you will see them every day.

2. Can travel together

Either one of you can pick or drop the other. This can be an added advantage as traveling can be quite boring if the distance is too much. It will also motivate you both to go to work more often. Going to a restaurant or for a coffee after work can be a routine and will give you both a break from the office environment.

4. Common topics to talk about

Since you know the same people and deal with same people at work, you will always have something common to talk about. Office topics can be quite boring to somebody who works in a different field as you.  Also, when you are dating somebody new, sometimes there are not many common points to talk about. Thus, this way you both will never run out of topics.

5. Better understanding of professional commitment and pressure

If your partner is a freelancer and does work in their free time, while you are a corporate big gun, they may not even understand your struggles or pressure that you face. For example, if you are an actor, and you are dating a co –actor, you both know how the industry works and how fast the rumor mills can start working and hence don’t get affected by it that much. Whereas, if an actor is dating a person with an office job, she might get insecure or jealous with the beautiful actresses he works with and if the gossip magazines and columns tell a story of his love affair


1. Weird looks

Often people judge too quickly and give you a stink eye, if you have an office affair. They talk about your flirty ways and the grapevine buzzes with your love life. This can be quite disturbing and people can write you off. Also, some work places have stringent rules and policies regarding not dating your co-workers. This can cause problems for both of you in the long run.

2. Break up can lead to loss of job

Suppose, the things between the couple don’t go too well, it can lead to serious issues. If one person is obsessing about the other even after break up, it can make the person quit his or her own job and their career can be at stake. It can be difficult to come face to face with the same person every day, who actually hurt you or broke up with you.

3. Clash of egos

If you both work in the same department, and one is the boss of other, it can cause major ego clashes. It might be confusing as to how to behave at office, and how to behave outside office. It can be difficult to get things done from your partner, because they might not take you very seriously as you are their beloved. This can lead to frustration and loss of productivity. It can be difficult to confront your partner if he is not performing well at work, this might hurt his or her ego.

5. Always together – no time apart

This can be a pro as well as a con. Being together all day at work, and then at home, can lead to monotony and loss of interest. Too much time together and none with others can cause a lot of fights and misunderstanding. Time apart is as important as time together. The couples who see each other every evening after work have less chances of getting into an argument as it is refreshing after a long day at work to be with your partner.

Have you ever dated someone at your work place? What was your experience like? Please share with us, in the comments section.