Say No To Cheating and Yes To Happy Ending


Say No To Cheating and Yes To Happy Ending

Confession is better than cheating. I mean, isn’t it tough to hide your lie and to hide that lie you have say another lie, which in turn tangles your life and to de-tangle it, you’ve to tell another lie. DUHH! Why make your life complicated, when you can just handle it simply by confessing the truth!

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Say No To Cheating and Yes To Happy Ending

How you will do it?? Don’t worry, we’ll help you to deal with such problems. Follow the below mentioned tips and make your life a simpler one.

1/One of the most real and common reason of cheating your partner is TEMPTATION  and the solution is YOU YOURSELF. You have to control your mind and stop yourself from those things which ignites or provokes you to fall for something negative. Always remember PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! So, better stop yourself, avoid and prevent #cheating.

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2/Communicate with your partner, try to figure out yourself why you are going for anything like CHEATING or AFFAIRS. Why is it difficult for you to stay loyal to your partner?? Is it the relationship that’s bothering you, is it that your partner is physically abusing you, or is it something more emotional, which is stopping you to have a clean loyal relationship with your partner?? Try to THINK and SORT IT OUT.

3/Many a times, I have seen that the main reason of #cheating your partner is COMPARISON. “She/He, looks so vibrant.You should also go for dance classes”, etc and many such THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE concept. Be happy and satisfied with what you have, try to look at your partner in a different way, try to overcome their flaws, be with them, why bully or compare them with others. Always remember: At times, the grass on the other side might be fake and just for show. So, don’t judge anybody from just their outer-look, you never know what going on in their bedroom.

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4/Make up  your mind, take a final decision and come to a solution. Once you have made up your mind, don’t go back to that same place anymore, don’t talk or text that person, stay away from anything that reminds you of him/her (AFFAIR), avoid those common places where you know they have their  hangout. And, yes, there shouldn’t be as anything called “LAST TIME TALK / MEET/ SEX”. Give yourself time to think, to sort out, to find solution, don’t be a shuttle-cock, you are matured enough to come to a proper solution. SO think, take some time out and act accordingly.

5/Stick to your final decision, be a human-being and act like one. Its high time now and you are no more a college kid, you are a matured and responsible person, who is responsible for his/her life. Remember: You past defines your present which in-turn shapes your future. So, walk accordingly!

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6/Have a deep talk with your partner, rekindle that old spark. See, mistakes happen and that proves we are learning. But repeating that mistake over and over again is a choice, not a mistake anymore. So. communicate with your partner, and tell them to give time, tell them that you won’t repeat the same mistake again, confess your affairs to them and listen what they have to say.

No matter what your decision be, whether you want to break up or give your relationship a second chance, COMMUNICATE and sort it out. Always try and sort out the things peacefully, it might be that at that moment your partner will be angry or fell devastated, but trust me in the long run, when you both will meet out of co-incidence, she’ll smile and greet you without any regret or hatred.

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After reading the above points, I hope you’ve understood that confession is far more than cheating, at-least by this, you won’t hurt anybody, See, if things can be sorted in a peaceful manner then why take up the gun, right. Just, THINK and ACT.