5 New Year’s Resolutions that aren’t on Your List but Should Be

5 New Year’s Resolutions that aren’t on Your List but Should Be

The year 2015 is beginning to wave bye to us, and we can see the onset of 2015 already. What will this year be like? We all hope and pray that this year is “different” than the year gone by and has more happiness for us than ever. But does that really happen? We make a lot of resolutions about what we should do, by the end of the year we don’t even remember what we started with! Normal resolutions which people make are about “losing weight”, “starting a diet”, “finding love”, “becoming more responsible”, ”being a good son” and so on. [ Read: 9 New Year’s Resolution Tips You Won’t Read Anywhere Else ]

5 New Year’s Resolutions that aren’t on Your List but Should Be

Let’s discuss a few resolutions which aren’t on your list this year, but definitely should make it there! Here are some of those resolutions!

  1. A new YOU

This year resolve to reinvent yourself. Resolve to love yourself and take care of yourself more with each passing day. Make efforts towards your health. Don’t resolve for a dramatic weight loss or a strict diet this year, instead, resolve that you will install an exercise routine in your life and make healthier choices for your own self. [ Read: 100 Best and Unique Happy New Year WhatsApp Messages and Quotes { 2016 }


  1. Throw out the toxic people

There might be people who you love and care for, but they don’t care one damn about you. You know that but you keep ignoring that fact. Make this year, the year to throw out people who look down at you, who mock you, don’t have time for you or those who don’t reciprocate your feelings. Spending your energy, time and money on them is depriving you of love and care! Get rid of all the toxic people in your life that have a bad influence on you and do nothing for your better.

  1. Believe in YOU

This is a huge responsibility. Believe in yourself. Not just for the heck of it or for saying it, believing that you can do things, will ultimately help you accomplish them. Believing in your charm, your ability and capability will help you a long way. This will help boost your self-esteem and make you an optimist. Stop pitying yourself and giving yourself credit for nothing. Believe in yourself and remember that everything is possible, if you think it is possible. [ Read: 10 Real-Parent New Year’s #Resolutions ]

  1. Embrace yourself

Many people have problems accepting themselves. It could be their body shape, size, their colour, their voice tone, their looks, their life situations or other people’s disapproval. Remember that, if you embrace yourself, other people will accept you too. Accept you for what you are and be happy with what you have. Don’t compare yourself to other people who are too fancy, which might depress you. Remember that there are people who are so much less fortunate than you and don’t even get a day’s meal and how lucky you are to be blessed.

  1. LIVE your life

Stop worrying about the future and stop despising your past. Live your life, don’t worry about deadlines, don’t hold grudges or curse the people who you don’t like. You only live once. Spread the cheer, smile a lot, donate things to the needy, travel around the world, and learn to be carefree. Watch the movies that you like, enjoy time with your friends, adopt a pet animal. Go for a safari, walk down a ramp, and buy the dress you love a lot, spend a little extra money on your happiness, make your kids happy, and make your spouse feel special. Live your life, for you will not get this chance again. And before you realize life will fly by and you will be thinking “I am yet to live my life”, and nothing would work at that time. It’s not too late, to start living, my friend. [ Read: 10 New Year’s #Resolutions Every Couple Should Make ]

What are your special resolutions this year for yourself? Share with us in the comments section.

What are your special resolutions this year for yourself?