New Year’s Eve Relationship Advice

New Year’s Eve Relationship Advice

It is the time of Holiday season yet again. You see couples heading together to places hand in hand. If you are single at this time of the year, you are most likely to feel depressed and lonely. If you have a fairly new relationship, you will feel confused and restless about your New Year plans. If you are strongly into someone, you might be wondering what you should do this New Year, to make it something different and special. Whereas if you have a family, you are always occupied with chores, arranging parties and inviting people, you don’t get time to spend with your spouse.  New Year can be an amazing time for relationships, as it marks the beginning of a new phase. [ Read: Sure Signs That Will Make HIM Fall For YOU ]

New Year's Eve Relationship Advice

Let’s have a look at what you can do for this New Year

  1. If you are single

Don’t fret if you are single. Don’t feel lonely and depressed. Look your best and feel good about yourself. Think about all the problems, fights and depression and expectation that a new relation brings with it. Enjoy the phase that you are in. Plan something out with your other single friends. Stay away from your couple friends during the Holiday season, because it will surely make you feel left out. [ Check out: 5 New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t on Your List but Should Be


  1. If you are newly into a relationship

If you have recently started dating somebody, it can be quite confusing to have any New Year plans with them or your friends and family. You are confused if you should have resolutions together or not. Relations are tough to handle during this time, especially new ones. It’s better to spend your New Year with your friends & family and not introduce them to your new partner just as yet. It is too soon to make any resolutions together; you should probably wait until a year for that.

  1. If you are going strong with someone

If you are dating somebody since a couple of years or a year, then it is perfectly fine to have some interesting New Year eve plans with them. Make it special and memorable for both of you. Probably you should resolve on something that you can do to enhance your understanding and make your relation more exciting. Make it a romantic New Year’s Eve, which you both will remember for the rest of your lives. [ Also read: 10 best ways to celebrate New Year with friends and family ]

  1. If you have a family

If you have a family with children and living with your spouse, you are probably occupied with your daily chores and activities. Take time off this New Year’s eve and do something completely different than you would with your spouse on a regular New Year’s celebration. Make some resolutions for the benefit of your family, parental resolutions, but most importantly resolve to bring the spark back into your relation. Make love resolutions with your partners and stick to it the entire year this time.

  1. If you are getting back together with someone you love

This is the most emotional and toughest New Year ’s Eve for you. You are getting back with someone you love a lot. It might be your EX, it might be your childhood friend who has recently proposed you, or it could be a crush that got back to you after a break up. If you are getting back together with someone you love, you can make a fresh start, with the start of the New Year. Make sure that you don’t break their heart again and they don’t hurt you again. Resolve to be there for each other this New Year on. This New Year will embark a new journey in your life and make sure you ring it in with a great welcome and romantic setup! [ Read here: 10 Tips for Finding Love Next Year ]

What is your relationship status this New Year’s eve? What are your plans for the delightful evening? Share your plans with us in the comments section.