Create New Memories From The Broken Memories


Create New Memories From The Broken Memories

So, today I was going through all the memories I had with him. As I was looking through all of the old photographs, letters, saved messages, I realised how beautiful those days were. I started smiling and talking to myself, revisiting those old lanes all over again were really painful. But you know, I did it for a purpose. I wasn’t cleaning or deleting them but, I was trying to create new #memories from them.

Create New Memories From The Broken Memories -likelovequotes

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Breaking up and living was not easy but….

Every morning I woke up, I had my eyes all swelled up, my heart full of tears and my mind stuck in that one particularly the day we broke up. Actually, HE broke up and I was absolutely shattered. For 2 days I cried, and the rest few months I spent hiding my emotions and waiting for him to come back. But then, I saw something, a quote which made me realise that #memories are forever. “If it can destroy you, it can give you new life too”! Strange I thought and I just kept reading the quote which was reading behind a bus.

I sat down to think and then….

I was coming from my office and throughout my journey, I kept on thinking about the quote.What did it mean? How can the same memory create a life? Finally, after reaching home I switched on my laptop and decided to check out some videos to refresh my mind. While watching those, a video by chance struck my eyes. The video was about a couple, an Indian couple (normal couple). Her first relationship was 8 years long. The girl and the guy meet with each other during school and it was a long journey. Nobody ever thought that their relationship would break and that too for another girl! This was really shocking.

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And then she created a new memory from the broken ones

After the breakup, she completely broke down emotionally. She cried, she couldn’t have food and sleep was a long lost dream. She called him and pleaded him. Days passed to months, and months turned to years. She was strong and gave her life a new destination. After 2 years, she became a famous author. She penned down really amazing and spooky horror stories. And the best part was, she penned those stories keeping in mind her breakup. She expressed all those negative emotions she had against her boyfriend who had left her for someone else. Destiny took her to the same place her ex-boyfriend was working. She went there as a celebrity to give a motivational speech to all the workers. And, she stumbled upon her EX. Guess what happened next??

Create New Memories From The Broken Memories

She hugged him and told him THANK YOU. He was like speechless and stared at her like a fool. He asked her WHY. And she replied- “It is because of your hard memories that I could create some new memories. You left me, I cried, and then I wrote from the memories I shared with you.” And today, she is living happily with a new family, no thoughts of her past relationships. Yes, a mark is there but, with time and love and care, that will fade away. Never give up and loose hope. Think and breath, your life is one, live it to the fullest. Look for positivity.