Reasons Why She Never Likes You


Reasons Why  She Never Likes You!

“Why she never likes me??” “Why its like, that, she never considers me more than just a friend??”

I am pretty sure that many guys out there have faced this problem many a times. Each time he tries to come closer to a girl, she just ignores him by actually giving him the age old excuse of “WE ARE GOOD FRIENDS YOU KNOW”….Clueless! But, don’t loose your heart and try to look out for the reasons behind.

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1/Since childhood we are taught that, a man or any human being is known by his gait and by his dress. Especially in this case, where there is a girl you want to impress, its like the foremost and foremost rule you need to follow. No girl on this earth wants her guy to be shabbily dressed or over-dressed. They don’t want to roam around with a person who looks like nothing less than a clown. We are not saying that you need to have a high sense of fashion or be like a fashion boss, but having that bit of sense works. Be dressed casually, but please not like- PINK T-SHIRT WITH WHITE PANT! Dress according to the atmosphere or surrounding. How would you feel, if the girl you admire suddenly wears a nice piece of short skirt with her hair oiled and along with that a red bindi and yellow lipstick. She would look like someone from the CONJURING. Scary!

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2/Talk brisk, don’t just keep on bantering. Girls hates those guys, who keeps  gagging on and on, speaking from what they had in the morning to how his neighbor fought with her child. Or neither we like those guys who just keeps on saying their sad stories to us and is so relentless that no matter how many suggestions we give, they wont just listen. Take a note: GIRLS HATE SUCH GUYS and thus, this might be the reason she never reciprocates to your approach and neither likes your company.

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3/Answer this frankly: How would you feel if the girl you like smells like she has not bathed for 10 days ?? Ground-Breaking right?? The same goes with we girls. I mean, what does it takes to maintain a healthy hygiene? Another most important reason why girls stay away from you and your shadow.

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4/Being a geek or being a nerd is ok, but being an hypocrite, just not ok. Confused?? Let me explain: Girls love freedom as much you guys do. So, each time if you try to cross that boundary and affect her privacy, she is not going to take it in a good way. To be more simpler, calling up each time you see her with any-other guy, stopping her from wearing the dress of her choice, insulting her for her make-up or tattoo, etc. If this is the situation now, I wonder and ponder how would be the same just after she gets into a relationship with you?? HORRIBLE!

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So, these were some strict signs to know why she always ignores your proposal and neither likes your presence. Rest, depends on how you take them and implement in your practical life. Keep reading, keep sharing and yes, #likelovequotes will always be there to guide you and correct you. And as I always say “LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY….”