The Needs and Wants in Every Relationship


The Needs and Wants in Every Relationship

What are your needs and wants from your relationship? How come a relationship have its needs and wants?? Why not! I mean, we all want something from our relationship and need something, there is nothing wrong in it. But yes, it varies from people to people, the needs, and wants, both are different yet common. So, what are these wants, and #needs!

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The Needs and Wants in Evrery Relationship

#Needs 1

We all need one most important thing from our relationship, which is PEACE. Peace as in, a soothing feeling, feeling of calmness. When one returns home after a hefty day and a tiresome schedule, he/she needs someone who will allow them to calm their tired mind and body. Not someone who will shout and create an uncanny atmosphere.

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But our wants are something much higher than our needs. We seek peace but when we get that peace we seek disagreement. Disagreement as in, extra-marital affairs, unnecessary disputes over silly things and this leads to a break-up.

#Needs 2

What is a relationship?? It is a bond, a connection, a feeling that connects two people with different mindset into a lifetime bond. And thus we look for that one person, we need that one person who will accept us with all our imperfections. Flaws are there in every human being, infact the creation of humans was itself a huge imperfect fault. But, god accepted us with all these and crafted us with both good and bad.

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After we get the partner of our dreams and after we come to know about their flaws, instead of accepting them we try to change them which is completely wrong. Can you change your facial structure or can you change the way the moon looks (with so many spots on it)?? You can’t and infact the moon looks really romantic with all those imperfect beauty spots. Similar is the case with our partner, they look original with those imperfect flaws. Teach them but don’t try to change them.

#Needs 3

Space and privacy are everyone’s right. One should never leave their own space of solitude and privacy. And thus from our relationship we need that space and privacy to allow our mind to think and take the correct decision.

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And then our wants clashes with our #needs which says that “NO PRIVACY or SPACE. ONLY TIME-SPEND”. Well, time spend is really important but not by sacrificing someone’s own moment or space. This is not a healthy state of mind, how would you feel when your privacy will be at stake?? Think about it!

#Needs 4

We want our family to get all the happiness they deserve, like from small simple needs to basic large amenities and luxuries. Thus we wish to work hard together and ensure that our family get’s all the happiness they deserve.

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But often in the run of making money, earning success we tend to ignore those little small moments. Our wants overpower our needs and this is where everything goes wrong. Completely haywire!

The Needs and Wants in Evrery Relationship

The motive of writing this piece was to make you all aware about the difference between our #needs and wants. Our #needs from our relationship are normal, but, our wants from the same relationship should also maintain an equal balance with our #needs. Problem starts when the other one starts overpowering or acting inappropriately. Never allow your wants to hamper or harm your relationship. Take that one easy step and save your relationship for lifetime.