My Texts & Phone Calls Are Being Ignored – What to do?

My Texts & Phone Calls Are Being Ignored – What to do?

Question Asked:
I’m in a long distance relationship. We have fallen in love with each other with quite a lot phone calls and texts . This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. We both have demanding careers, his is more than mines. Our communication use to be all day everyday and has now dwindled down to the bare minimum. My texts and phone calls are seeming to be ignored. I expressed my feelings and concerns. He says its his job, I do understand however when you want something you fit it in. Help me help us!

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My Texts & Phone Calls Are Being Ignored

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Fans Suggestion:
Don’t stress. What’s yours will always be yours. If it’s true,and that’s a big if, nothing will keep you apart. And if it’s not, be thankful for the experience. A chance to feel something. Some people live together and feel nothing for each other.

2) Long distance relationships are not easy. It takes even more commitment & trust than a traditional one (same town, same area code). It can be successfully navigated, if & but…. However, when one party stops showing the same level of commitment, don’t chase them, or bombard them with numerous texts messages, or phone calls. Men, as hunters, naturally pursue, what he considers his own. He will fight, conquer, and divide, to bridge the ‘distance’ gap! Don’t send trashy, dirty pics of yourself, either. It diminishes YOUR value & how you see yourself! Someone suggested that below! Sadly. Be a lady, love needs ‘nothing’ but your dignity. Re-attract yourself to the one you want, by being patient, not desperate!

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3) Both have works…. but if you really want to work things out in your relationship you still need to find time with each other…. even if it’s not always….as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder but…. don’t make that absence makes u heart cold…..true love will always finds its way….make assurance to each other that you will be true to your feelings…. Its really hard but God bless both of you.

4) That’s the problem with the distance.. also can be relationships in general.. they evolve.. sure it’s not the same as it used to be. But it doesn’t mean you both love and care for each other any less.

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5) You can’t help “us” by yourself….In all honesty, if your text and phone calls are being ignored, his time is being given to someone else. Bottom line. No one is that busy. Just as the text and phone calls were being answered before, they can be answered now. Ask for the truth without accusing, but being that this question was asked, you already know. Ask for the truth and then drop back and see how long it takes for him to realize your absence.

6) Move on, don’t waste anymore of your time. He lost interest in the chase and was too much work for him, not saying you aren’t worth it. He found something closer that is easier for him.. some people are not strong enough to resist temptations near or they can’t be alone long periods of time.

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