My Childhood was Not Like Other Kids

My Childhood was not Like Other Kids

My childhood was not like other kids. I mean when they can ask anything from their parent, I have to help my parent at work so that we can have extra money to buy what I want. When all kids can ask their parent to cook for them, I start to cook for myself at the age of 10. When they are busy playing with their toys, I was busy helping my dad at work. There’s a moment in my life when the money is very difficult to earn for our family. I helped my dad once to carry about 10 kilos of bean and walk to the buyer’s house on foot and it’s about 10 kilometer at night. Then, I have to go to school every morning on foot and the distance from my house to the school is about 5 kilometer To be honest, even when I was a 11 years old kid, I understand the feeling of disappointment in my life. I hate to live in a situation like that. But what can I do? [ Read: Childish But Awesome Truths Of Life – Must Read ]

My childhood was not like other kids.
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As time goes by, our families economic become better every day. Thanks to my parent. They never gave up to give us a better life… I didn’t say that we live in a luxury right now but life has been better than before. And now I am on my 3rd year of completing my first degree. Some of you guys maybe don’t get the point of the story but let me tell you. My story is about never give up no matter how difficult your life is. You have to move on and keep working to change your life. Eventually, you’ll have success in life. And despite all the bad times in my childhood, I become a better man. I appreciate my experience and that’s make me as who I am right now.