My Boyfriend Makes Me Feel Unloved-What To Do?


My Boyfriend Makes Me Feel Unloved-What To Do?

Question Asked:
My boyfriend makes me feel unloved. I told him about about this but he doesn’t seems to care about it and he did not do anything to make me feel better. Meanwhile I met a guy who made me feel loved. What should I do now?

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My Boyfriend Makes Me Feel Unloved-What To Do-likelovequotes

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Fans Suggestion:
1) Break up with the person who makes you feel unloved. Obviously you tried to explain to them that you don’t feel loved so come on treat yourself. You deserve love.

2) Don’t make any decision you might regret. Your boyfriend once made you felt loved, bring it up again and remind him you need to feel important in his life. If he still ignores it maybe it’s time to move on.

3) If the relationship you are in right now makes you feel unloved, you should leave because if it was right for you, you should have not felt unloved. Find yourself first, love yourself first and eventually if you’re meant to be, love will just find its way.

4) Leave the first one cause he didn’t love you the way you deserve, and also the second one cause its temporary you won’t love him, you will love only the way he treats you with, I think you have to feel loved with your self first take a rest for you then choose.

5) You talk with your boy friend and ask him if he still love you. Sometimes, the lack of conversation makes a relationship fail. Don’t make a decision that might put the both of you to regret.

6) First talk to your guy . Tell him the problem if he’s not willing to fix it then you must let him go. And the other guy if he really loves you he will respect the “3 months rule”if he loves you he will wait for the right time for the both of you.

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