My Boyfriend Lied, He is Younger to Me – What to do?

My Boyfriend Lied, He is Younger to Me – What to do?

Question Asked:
My Boyfriend Lied, He is Younger to Me. I have been seeing this guy who is quiet younger to me. He lied before saying he is five year younger and then within few month may be few weeks I came to know that he is 6 year younger to me. He told the truth that he didn’t wanted to lose me so he lied earlier. We are together for almost one and half year now. I’m trying to get married with him, but his family is looking for other girls to get him married. He is losing hope of convincing his family about our relationship. We love each other I don’t want to lose him this time. There are religious issues as well. Please suggest what should I do.

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My Boyfriend Lied, He is Younger to Me

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Fans Suggestion:
You have to think about your unborn children, also your boyfriend lied to you in the first place. Religious issues can be handled but cultural ones are difficult! If the family has control and they think your not right for him then they will make your life hell! Please think beyond today, think 10 or 20 years from now, marriage is a serious commitment and the man you want should be fully committed and aware of consequences. I’m sorry it’s difficult for the both of you, but do what’s best for you in the long run . Wish you the best.

2) Age doesn’t matter in love. Just wait him and give him some time to convince his family. Be patient. If he truly loves you,he will never let you go no matter what!

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3)  My boy friend is seven years younger. I’m 31, he’s 24. We are expecting our first baby in July. We couldn’t be happier. Why would his family be seeing other girls? If he has been with you over a year.

4) Age? Religion? It doesn’t matter, ‘because love is not measured by the age & religion, as well as you have the same faith with God/Allah etc. And as long as you love each other, you want each other, then fight for it!

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5)  I see nothing wrong with the age difference but I do see something wrong with him lying about it! Little lies usually turn into bigger lies in the future so if my boyfriend lied , I’d move along without him.

6) The father of my Kids is 5 years younger and was engaged for 12 years, “granted we are no longer together”. We are making every effort to stay friends especially for Our Kids & each other’s peace-of-mind.

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