My Best and Wonderful Soul-mate – Story

My Best and Wonderful Soul-mate - Story
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My Best and Wonderful Soul-mate – Story

I am delighted and proud to share my story with millions of readers of I humbly dedicate this article to my beloved soul mate. Every girl’s dream is to get a wonderful soul mate of her choice. In your lifetime you want to find and meet one person who will love you more than anybody you have ever known. They will adore you wholeheartedly and they would try to sacrifice, surrender and give so much that it scares you. It’s a dream that every girl opts for when she starts seeking out her life partner. I also had my own feelings, ideas on how my Mr. Right should look.

First let me give you a sneak peek into the beauty of Arranged Marriage.

Arranged marriages are based on commitment and it is the most necessary element that keeps a relationship going. Only if you express your feelings aloud, you will come to know about your commitment level towards the opposite person. Also, you need to be sure that the other person is as much committed towards this match as you are. Focus more on the character and nature of a person rather than on looks. Physical appearance does not matter in the long-run but compatibility does! Compatibility between the two souls is what we should be judging.  Not just among the bride and groom, but among your families also. Indian marriages apart from being union of two souls are also union of two families.  Your spouse has to be someone with whom you can talk to, about anything and everything. This is what I envisage in an arranged marriage. [ Read: Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained [ In A Short Story ] ]

Let me begin my beautiful story!!!

Coming from a Traditional south Indian Brahmin family seeking alliance is a daunting task from parent’s perspective. My mom would daily look out for an alliance in matrimony. Every day she sits patiently and will search for me. Sometimes argument crops up between us because I don’t consent with the guy she looks out for me. Whenever she showed me any guy’s photo, I was not satisfied and was rejecting. One time my mom coerced me to talk to a guy who I hated the most. In an arranged marriage, seeing a guy talking with him for few minutes and then we need to say yes whether you like or not. The most important aspect in arranged marriage is horoscope matching. If the horoscope matches and if the guy is not good-looking, automatically the girl would be bulldozed by her parents to accept the proposal. Like this I too was persuaded to do a chat with each of them and I realized that I couldn’t able to gauge a connection with any of them. When I say connection I mean compatibility quotient, during the chatting process where a guy will use the term ‘We’ instead of ‘I’. He tries to imagine his future with the girl when he communicates. These are little precious things that every girl desirous of. [ Read: How Can A Woman, Woo The Man? ]

When I tried to explain these to my parents, they considered those reasons as insubstantial and told me “You are not a Madhuri dixit” and neither don’t dream of movie heroes”. I pondered over the sarcastic comment they made and replied, “I may not be a Sridevi or Madhuri, but to my future soul mate, He should consider me as the most beautiful actress”. My Appa did not react and Amma retorted back saying ‘Don’t have filmy expectations, which does not occur in reality’.  I promised my Amma that a person like that has been born in this world and I shall meet him very soon. This is where faith plays a major role. I set out my heart and started believing it. [ Read: That Perfect Shot With That Special Girl ]

I took a diary and listed down clearly all the features of my soul mate, his physical appearance to his character, everything that I needed. From that day on, I visualized my soul mate and said positive affirmations like “Thanks so much for a wonderful soul mate, I am so blessed to get him in my life”. There were days where no one was unable understand the sadness behind my smile, they thought that I was fine, but only I know how daily I was dying. I was actually sick of wearing a fake smile. This continued I did not lose hope. I started to get requests in matrimony of my choice but unluckily, the horoscope matches were not proper. Then I prayed to universe “It’s your game, but show my prince very soon”. [ Read: We could have been at least friends ]

After 2 months, I luckily got a request from a guy, his name is Krish. He is an NRI who works in a Software company. We did texting, video chats and phone calls for just 2 weeks and I wanted to say that, ‘A one look at him my heart said he is that guy for you!’  Everything that I visualized was real when I saw him face to face. I was frozen by the magic given to me by the universe. His physical appearance, to his character, everything was a replica of what I have imagined. In one line, he said, “I need you desperately in my life”. I cried, even now when I am writing this story. That fraction of a moment I discerned the capacity of our dominant thoughts we own. [ Read: I decided to open a little portion of my heart ]

I was really astounded by the power of our thoughts and visualization.  I truly believe that love is not something that happens on first sight, it happens when you start understanding each other, with every feeling, every moment and thoughts. In movies, we have seen where the hero will simply sweep of the heroine with his mannerisms. We girls would be awestruck, literally how it would be if a guy does like that in real life too?  I too possessed that notion where those beautiful courtships cannot happen in real life, but even though if it happens that girl should be a lucky mascot. When I was seeing everything real in front of my eyes, I considered being one of the luckiest girls on this planet. [ Read: Excruciatingly Painful Love ]

Finally no matter how strong a person could be but there would be someone who can makes us weak with their sheer presence. To that person with whom you can establish that immediate connection the moment you meet, a magical bond arises very strong that you are attracted to them in a way that you have never experienced before. At the end, every girl will prefer her soul mate to be her friend with whom she can confide her deepest thoughts. It means she crave for a true companionship. Never ever, have that fault assumptions that the above said things will happen in love marriages only. At the end both in arranged and love marriages, falling in love is very easy but staying in love is special which needs to be continued till last breath of the two souls. So without doubt, I would say love blooms up in huge quantity in arranged marriages with extra dose of passion, love, and madness, a love that will never dilutes. Proudly I will say that I have found my dream man, with just one extra cup of faith and patience. [ Read: The Bully – How Nina, Adam and Jeremy became best friends. ]

 I just want to shed light on the power of our inner most thoughts. Just plant your sub-conscious mind with positive thoughts and nourishes them with great spirits. Believe me when you start following, it makes everyone dumbfounded.  And, usually waiting is the hardest part also doesn’t forget that every second of your wait will be worth in the end. My dear readers always wait for the impossible things to happen and a breakthrough is on the way. Don’t doubt it, just go and claim it. Thanks once again for everyone who motivated me to write this article.