Too Much Anxiety Means You’re Drifting Apart


Too Much  Anxiety Means You’re  Drifting Apart!

Anxiety  is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic.
―  Anaïs Nin

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Too Much Anxiety Means You're Drifting Apart

The same thing happens when your relationship becomes a silent door for you, which has an entry but no exit. Why this happens?? What is the reason behind such psychological mind blocks?? Have you ever thought about it?? NO! We never try to think that why this is happening, we just keep on continuing with the FAKING A SMILE IS SO MUCH EASIER THAN EXPLAINING WHY YOU ARE SAD phase. Don’t do this, don’t let anxiety become your uninvited tenant.Anxiety is like a slow poison, it kills you and your relationship slowly. It changes your life completely, small pity things gives you a heavy nervous break down. You start having palpitations, you feel tensed just at the drop of a hat. So, in to day’s article likelovequotes is here with some signs to know you are bifurcating from each other.

1/Less Communication:

Gone are the days when you used to gossip about each and every minute details of your life, share all those happy-sad moments GONE ARE THOSE DAYS NOW. Hardly you people talk and try to solve your problems, its like, keeping or procrastinating things have become your habit. Earlier problems were solved by talking, now, silence is the new style of telling that you are offended. And trust me, silence only creates suspense and nothing. Its like a movie, which can’t be seen but can only be felt, confusing right??

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2/No Physical connection:

When was the last time you both hugged and kissed each other?? May be a year ago!  The scenario has changed now, you both stay physically away from each other, or rather should I say , you ignore such moments. This can be a sign that you both are drifting apart.

3/Lack of Understanding and Commitment:

Spending some quality time with each other, discussing the problems, commitments, etc all are lost now. There is hardly any understanding between you both. Problems and ego have become so important, that, the word LOVE has faded from  your life. Now, neither you want to stoop and sort out the things, nor your partner wants to understand what is your problem. Actually, you both are so busy earning that extra amount, that you hardly have time for each other. Wake up before its too late.

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4/Things gets Irritated now:

“Why are not eating your food??” Asked the man of the house

Lady: “Because I don’t feel like eating” bangs the door and locks it up

Small questions becomes the reason of big fights. Those tiny little habits which was your favorite once, has now become irritating. Take a break from each other, and think. Try to seek solutions as to why this is happening.

5/Lack of Laughs and Encouragement:

When was the last time you both laughed together, or watched a movie together?? When was the last time you encouraged your other half for his/her accomplishments??  May be some ages ago!

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At times, due to work load and family pressure, things become messed up for us. We become so confused that we almost forget how we are reacting. Our PATIENCE and WILL to be that same old happy guy/girl vanishes due to the immense pressure. But does that mean that the love is lost?? NO! Never! Love never fades away, its just the people and the situations that turns negative.

Too Much Anxiety Means You're Drifting Apart

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Please, before breaking-up or thinking of something like that, spare a moment of thought about how happy you  used to be with him/her, how many time she/he fought with you and you stood there to calm them down. How can you forget that warm hug, that long kiss, how?? Take a break from your life, think, think about what you want to do with your life. And try to rekindle that lost love. Believe me LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY.