Moving in Together Checklist: Must To Do Before Moving in Together


Moving in Together Checklist: Must To Do Before Moving in Together

So, you and your partner have decided to take the next leap in your committed long-term relationship by moving in together? Moving in together with your sweet heart is a bit complicated process, it’s not as simple like moving in with a friend. There’s a lot more to it than just moving your stuff to a new place, it requires a fair amount of planning and coordination. You should really think it through before you take the leap, as moving in together will test your abilities to compromise with each other. We have put together this handy Moving In Together Checklist along with some tips and advice for couple who are entering in to a new stage in their relationship by moving in together.

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Moving in Together Checklist

Questions To Ask Yourself:
1. Can you rely on your partner, if you are moving in with him/her?
2. Why are you moving in together?
3. Should you move in together?
4. Do you trust them to be loyal and faithful?
5. Will you be able to be yourself when you are around them?
6. How do you feel about his/her level of tidiness?
7. Will you be able to resolve any fights or arguments?
8. Will you be able to do your part of household chores and responsibilities?
9. Sleeping with them, will that be an issue?
10. Can you express yourself without having to hide anything?
11. Can you split financial expenses evenly?
12. Does their presence make you feel happier?
13. Will you be able to share your secrets, feelings and desires with them?
14. Can you live with each other’s imperfections?
Start packing to move on with your sweet heart, if your answer is YES to all the above mentioned questions. Still not sure about moving in together? Well, continue reading.

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Why Are You Doing This? 
Why are you doing this? Here are some advice for moving in together: A must to ask question to ask yourself before moving in together. Is it due to finance? Is it because he/she asked you, and you said yes? Well, finance or excitement shouldn’t be soul reason behind moving in together. You both need to be on the same page before you take this huge leap. Both parties should be able to produce a legitimate answer for this question before signing the lease.

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Sit down with your partner before moving in together and discuss about finances. You must discuss about your financial situations in detail, both you and your partner must be on the same page about your finances before moving in together. This might be a tough conversation to have but it’s a must to have conversation.

Household Chores:
Very important one in Moving In Together Checklist is household chores. It is very essential to discuss how household chores will be divided up between you both before signing the lease. Plan about who will do the dishes, who will do the laundry, who will buy groceries, who will cook? It’s a must to discuss and have a plan for handling the household responsibilities before moving in together.

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Compromise, this must be in top of your Moving In Together Checklist. Living together is going to have peaks and valleys, learn to compromise them. Compromise is must if you are in to a long term relationship with the person you are moving in together. Without which, no relationship is gonna last long. compromising and finding a middle ground is a key for a long lasting relationship.

Personal Space:
Just because you co-own the apartment doesn’t mean your partner could interfere with your privacy. Create some personal space where you both can feel comfortable and have some time alone without being interfered. It applies to both parties, treat the other person and their privacy with respect, if not get ready to leave.

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Exit Strategy:
Planning an exit strategy is very essential, one could never say how long a relationship will last. Don’t invest all your savings to move in together, save something for you, just in case things don’t go as planned. You need to protect yourself in case of a split, planning an exit strategy may not sound romantic, but it’s a must to do. It’s important to know up front what your plans are if your partner decides to ditch you.

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If you can relate to all these concepts, you are fit to move in together. With a little compromise and some patient listening you could take your relationship to the next happy level ‘Marriage’.