He is Moving Back to His Country but I Love Him: What to do?

He is Moving Back to His Country but I Love Him: What to do?

I felt in love with a guy who I met twice. Soon he is going back to his country where he used to live. We like each other a lot but he doesn’t want to meet me anymore because he don’t want anyone of us getting hurt. Should I just let him go? I have feeling its something serious and special between us!!

A member of our Facebook page needed little help with her relationship, her boyfriend has decided to end the relationship, but she can’t. She firmly believes that he is the one meant for her. So she asked us for some tips to get him back and we posted about her love life in our page. We posted it so she could get multiple suggestions to get his love back. Below mentioned are some top fan suggestion’s that helped her decide what to do.

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He is Moving Back to His Country but I Love Him: What to do?

1# Let Him Go:

Let him go. If he wants you, he will fight for you unless it is a lame excuse just to be way from you. Yes, you have a feeling, but does he have a feelings for you too? If he does, he will be there for you not just to see those tears. A man who wants to keep you will do everything in his power to make it happen. He’s just trying to let you down easy and putting up a front. Cause a man cares if he truly loves a woman.

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2# Are his Feelings Real:

If he too really has this special feelings for you, he cannot just simply say that it’s better not to see each other again. I hope he will be man enough to fight for you both.

3# Prevention is Better than Cure!:

Prevention is better than cure. Let him go to avoid hurting each other anymore, maybe he has some other better reasons for not meeting you anymore, he might be belonging somewhere/to someone else whom he knows so LET GO OF HIM.

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4# Is He Worth Fighting For:

Is he worth fighting for? If yes, don’t let go. If you really wanted to be with him for the rest of your life, then make a way! Sometimes, you have to lose your pride and take a risk. Just do your part so there’s no regret.

5# Ask Him to be Honest to You:

Good riddens! If he cared enough about you, he’d either stay or ask you to go with him! If that’s not possible, he would ask you to wait and not give up on you so quickly! Good riddens to someone that doesn’t “know” you are more special then that!

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6# Love finds a Way:

Love finds a way! You could still be together if both of you had faith and hope and put work into being with each other. I feel he’s giving up too easy just cause the distance is hard. And it is! but true love I feel can withstand any distance.

6# Cheer up Girl:

They say if you really love the person then make his all wish granted always. Let him go if he is really for you no matter how hard the situation is he will do everything and anything just to win you back. But I hope it won’t be too late for him to realize that you are special. He is not the only one man in this word so cheer up girl.

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7# Be with Someone who Wants to be with You

Be with someone who wants to be with you. We stay in a relationship to be happy. If a relationship doesn’t make you happy, you should avoid that relationship. And if he is saying that your relationship can’t work why don’t you just accept that. As you told he said, it sure’s gonna hurt you both. Just finish it as soon as you can and move on.

8# A Real Life Experience:

I had the same experience way back 2006. He was my first love. We agreed to communicate through Emails though we tried not to fall in love. But as time goes by, I feel that I love him so and that he loves me too. But it did not worked out the way we planned because of some complications. He went back here to meet me again but we decided to just end what we have. I don’t regret not having him now because I found the guy who is willing to love me despite the distance,the pain and the complications just to be with me. I don’t regret letting go my first love because I now found my one great love.

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What else do you suggest if she doesn’t love him? Let us know in comments below. Got some questions that needs to be answered? Send it to our Facebook page. Hope this article really helped you, do share it with someone in need.