Motivational Tips for Introverts and Shy People

Motivational Tips for Introverts and Shy People

A shout to all you introverts – it isn’t a grueling world out there; it is healthy to get out and converse with new people. Nobody is here to intrude into your space, yet connecting with the outside world is critical for not only entertainment and growth, but also to maintain some sanity in life.

Motivational Tips for Introverts and Shy People

Though this may seem like a task right now, once you read through some of the tips given below, you’ll realize that it can be a walk in the park!

  1. Dress to Impress

Pick out your best outfit on your day out! Classy clothes, some make-up and great shoes automatically makes you feel good about yourself and brings in abundance of self-confidence. You’ll feel your body language change the minute you see your reflection in the mirror. Your poise continues till you reach your destination and you’ll be beaming throughout the evening. That happy smile and smooth conversation along with your perfect attire will impress the entire crowd. [ Read: 6 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Dress Better


  1. Observe and emulate outgoing people

Choose a celebrity or public figure you admire and study his moves – observe the way he behaves at an event, his interviews with the media and his body language. Gradually envision yourself doing similar activities and according to what suits you and your personality, incorporate the changes in your following meetings.

  1. Read and be aware of your surroundings

One of the biggest worries of introverts is holding an interesting conversation. A great idea is to take some effort to know about recent happenings and trending topics so that when you meet a bunch of new people you can easily engage in interesting topics. Generally, you will know the kind of crowd that will be attending the function with you, so read about what’s new in their field – for instance, if you are going to bump into lawyers that evening, learn about a particular case that’s running or if you are attending a music festival, read up about the music band playing that night and hear some latest songs hitting the charts and so on.    [ Read: 10 Tips To Fall In Love With Yourself And Be A Better Person! ]

  1. Ask questions and share stories

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The other person may not reciprocate immediately, but don’t lose hope and build a conversation by asking questions about his work, his hometown, what he thinks about today’s top news, etc. Asking questions is the best trick that will lead to a fruitful conversation. Once you find a common thread, you may start sharing some personal stories which will interest the opposite person, then he will exchange some thoughts and before you know it, you have been chatting away with him for about an hour!

  1. Move away from your comfort zone

Everyone has limits and you may think you are doing enough, but the fact that you are comfortable doing that much is not enough. You have to push yourself to move out of your comfort zone by taking baby steps. It can be a simple gesture like just going to all your neighbours and wishing them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This will take some courage, yet when you accomplish the task you know you can broaden your horizons and achieve much more than you believe.   [ Read: What Happens When We Start Trusting Someone ]

  1. Meet people

You cannot avoid people- that is a rule of life! Whether you are in the mood or not, whether you are confident enough or not, interacting with outsiders is a must. It may be an interaction a mere 25 to 30 minutes, but it is mandatory. Follow this and you will begin to feel more comfortable around people after which you’ll find it easy to open up to new people.

  1. Enroll for social activities

This is the best way to make new connections and friends. Surely, you’ll have a hobby which includes going out of your home. So enroll for some group classes or join a class where you’ll find people with similar interests as you, making it easy for you to connect with them.   [ Read: 8 Ways to become socially more active ]

  1. Watch something entertaining before heading out

Forget all the anxiety and nervousness because it will not help your case before you are heading out. Instead, watch a comedy show or an entertaining movie which will keep you in a light mood and basking in the joy of that show you are connecting with new faces.

  1. Dismiss the word “introvert” from your dictionary

Drop the suffix, ‘introvert’ before your name. By deleting the word from your mind, half the battle will be won. Forget the fact that your personality isn’t capable of holding a conversation with someone new; instead think that you are just like the extrovert sitting across you. Once you drop this label, you will see all human beings are sailing in the same boat making your interaction with your surroundings easier.   [ Read: 12 Insightful Lessons To Help You Have a Better Life ]

  1. Study your introversion

There is nothing wrong in being an introvert; in fact it is a universal fact that all great minds are introverts. But, learn about this characteristic and make amendments. For instance, your immediate reaction to any person who approaches you is to smile and walk away after exchanging greetings, so the next time try and make some small talk with someone who approaches you. Your behavior is not going to change overnight, but make self-observations and self-corrections to develop your personality.

Introverts are very interesting people, so don’t deprive the world of your great company. Certainly there is a stark distinction in personalities- an introvert and an extrovert, similar to black or white without any grey. But who says you cannot bring in an amalgamation of both introverts and extroverts? So you may not completely turn black, but do give out hints of grey because the world out there is in need of charismatic characters such as yours.