Most Essential Qualities of a Real Man Worth Dating

Most Essential Qualities of a Real Man Worth Dating

Why am I single? What do girls look for? If you find asking these questions to yourself, it’s time you introspect and figure out whether you have all or any of the qualities that a woman looks for in a real man worth dating.

Most Essential Qualities of a Real Man Worth Dating

Here are the list of most essential qualities a girl would look for in real man who is worth dating:

  • Chivalrous Men are most attracting

Want to be the knight in shining armor for a woman? Learn to be chivalrous first. The one quality that every woman looks for in a man is chivalry. Women judge men by how well they treat them. A man should talk to a woman gently and be attentive when she speaks. When you ask her out for a drive, open the door for her and make sure that she has been seated comfortably. [ Check out: 9 Dramatic and Weird Things We do Post Break-Up


  • He must Respect

He should talk to you with respect and treat you as somebody equal to him. There should not be any air of superiority around him. He should not get offended by the idea of you paying the bill. He should be okay with the fact that you earn more than he does. If he does anything that makes you believe that he considers you to be inferior to him, he is not your guy.

  • Takes care of his appearance

He should be well groomed at all times and should never embarrass you in front of your friends because of an untidy appearance.  His hair should be properly combed, shirt, clothes should be ironed and shoes should be polished. If you take the pain to look impeccable, should not he, at the least, look presentable enough to go out with you? And, there should be no need for you to send him reminders.

  • He should look after you

You can look after yourself. You are an independent woman. But, wouldn’t it be nice if somebody calls you up and asks whether you had lunch? All of us like being taken care of. And, we you are dating someone, you do expect him to take care of you and make you feel special. Of course, you wouldn’t like if he calls you every five minutes and disturbs you while you are at work or doing something important. [ Also read: 10 tips on How to keep your CRUSH interested ]

  • Spends time with you

Even he had a busy day at work, he should make some time for you. If he fails to meet you, he must call you up. He should not be someone who prefers playing games on the play station with friends over going out for dinner with you. You should be his topmost priority, always.

  • He should give you space

You have weekend plans with your girl gang. And, he asks to drop your plans and join him on his tour. Boyfriend is important. But, so are friends. He should give you enough space and support your decisions. If he starts eating into your personal space, the relationship would not last long.

  • He does not compare you with anybody

It’s okay if he talks about his ex-girlfriends. Problem arises when he stars comparing you with them. You have your own distinct personality and there is no reason why you should be compared to another person.

  • You learn something from him

The guy you date should have some interesting attributes that you could imbibe from him. There is no point in dating a person whom you learn nothing from. The time that you spend with him should add to your growth as a person.

  • He is a good listener

He should listen to you attentively as you speak to him. He offers you advice when you discuss work related issues and he breaks into a smile when you recount your childhood memories.

  • He is in control of himself

He does not let his emotions get the better of him and is always in charge of himself. He does not lose his mind over trivial issues and always has a solution for everything. Of course, he keeps you informed about everything he does and seek your advice for the same.

Guys, now you know what kept you single for so long? And girls, don’t you look for these qualities in a man? If not, then you need to exercise some quality control and wait for the right guy. [ Read here: 10 ways to get a guy to ask you out ]

Do you know additional points a girl would look for a man worth dating? Let us know your views in comment.