5 Modern Movie Couples We Can All Learn From

Modern Movie Couples We Can All Learn From
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5 Modern Movie Couples We Can All Learn From

Cinema is a reflection of your lives. When you are in a relationship, you mostly prefer watching romantic movies in each others’ company. While the guy might not be too interested in watching a romantic film, he does it for the girl. There is so much to learn from films and if you are in a relationship, watching romantic movies is a must as you can learn a lot from them. There some classic movies which have these iconic couples we never forget. We aspire to become like them and hope to have a love story as theirs. [ Read: Best Romantic Quotes from Movies ]

Here are a few modern couples we can all learn from:

  1. Jack and Rose (Titanic)

Jack was an artist who was never had any money but his luck shone when he won two tickets onto the Titanic ship. On the ship he met Rose, a 17 year old from a very wealthy family. Rose was forced into getting engaged to a 30 year old man named Cal Hockey. Rose and Jack fell in love with each other. The ship collides with an iceberg and the rest as they say is history.

Jack and Rose belonged two diagrammatically different strata of society. While Jack was a poor artist, Rose hailed from a wealthy family. But, they did not let that come in the way of their love. They loved each other unconditionally. Although their love did not have a happy ending, it was pure and full of passion. Jack could not survive the shipwreck but Rose did. She remembered Jack till the last day of her life. [ Read: 10 Dating Love Lessons 80’S Teen Movie Can Teach You ]

  1. Noah and Allie (The Notebook)

Teenagers Noah and Allie fall in love with each other. Allie’s parents do not approve of their relationship. Both of them go through several problems in their relationships and finally part ways. The find each other after several years and decide to stay together forever. As Allie gets older she suffers from dementia and fails to remember much about her life for a long duration. Noah keeps his promise of staying with her all his life.

Noah and Allie’s story teaches us to be patience and wait for our love no matter how long it takes. We should never lose hope and believe that we will be reunited to our loved one someday. It also teaches us the importance of being with one’s partner in every difficult situation in life. Even as Allie suffers from dementia, Noah stays with her and loves her.

  1. Harry and Sally (When Harry Met Sally)

Harry and Sally start off as friends and while they realize there is a certain spark between them, they deny it. Harry says the famous dialogue “Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way”. They keep bumping into each other after every five years. On a New Year’s Eve, they finally come to terms with their feelings for each other.

Harry and Sally are a couple whom a lot of young, urban couples will relate to. A lot of couples, today, seem confused and in denial about their feelings. They are worried about many things and shy away from making commitment. They must learn to accept their feelings and confess their love. Love is a very important part of our lives and one cannot deny that. [ Read: How do I get Over a Broken Heart? ]

  1. Landon and Jamie (A Walk To Remember)

Landon is a rich and rebellious guy who is very popular in school. After being found guilty of an offence, he and his friends are asked to mend their ways by tutoring students and participating in a play. Landon never took notice of his fellow student Jamie who has been studying with him since kindergarten. They happen to take part in the same play and began interacting with each other. They get attracted to each other and soon fall in love.

When you love someone, you must love them unconditionally. You must see them through their bad times and nothing should come in the way of your love for them. Landon gets to know that Jamie suffers from Leukemia but that does not stop him from loving her. Landon proposes marriage to Jamie knowing well that she would not live for long. The fact that she would die soon does not make him lose faith in love. Instead, he marries her and wants to stay with her for as long as he can.

  1. Anna and William (Notting Hill)

William is a divorced man who owns a book shop in Notting Hill. One day, Hollywood star Anna visits his shop. Soon, both of them fall in love. Will/William is a simple guy who tries to keep himself away from Anna because of her stature. He realizes his mistake soon and reconciles with Anna.

We all have insecurities. If you have a partner who is a very famous person or is very successful in his/her life, you tend to get insecure about it. Even if you are not as successful as your partner, you must be happy with yourself and proud of partner’s successes. [ Read: 10 Secret Things Guys Wish Girls Knew About Guys ]

Movies could be great help when it comes to dealing with relationships. You could learn or unlearn a lot from them. Gift your partner a set of DVDs, sit down with them and watch films that would inspire the both of you. The film should have romantic pair you both would be able to connect to.